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Peer to Peer Adventure Gear 2016 Obituaries

I’m taking a break from travel right now after a very busy 2016. I do have a few weekend trips planned for this winter, but mostly not involving home exchanges or other peer-to-peer services since I’m just visiting family and friends. This might make for slightly less exciting posts if you’re reading this site for the reviews […]

More Peer-to-Peer Negligence Cases: Boatbound Lawsuit

Following up on my Deaths on Airbnb post, BuzzFeed ran a story recently about a woman who lost a leg in a boating accident while renting through Boatbound, a peer-to-peer boat rental site.  The woman is now suing Boatbound, the boat owner, and a friend of hers who was operating the boat during her accident […]

Sharing Economy Boat Rentals

Peer to Peer boat rental companies have come on strong over the past three years. This is an area that is ripe for sharing as most boats are idle most of the time (according to GetMyBoat the average boat is used only 8% of the time), and boat ownership is out of reach or just unpractical for […]

First Boat Sharing App in Development

We Are On A Boat is a new iphone app providing a platform for people with boats to share the boating fun. The first boat sharing mobile app, We Are On A Boat is a peer to peer tool that encourages people to provide gifts and rewards towards the boating fun rather than payment (i.e. contributing a picnic lunch). Although […]

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