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P2P gear rental company Fat Lama expands to U.S.

Fat Lama is one of the peer to peer gear rental companies. They launched in late 2016 and have recently expanded to the United States. Fat Lama has also launched campervan rentals in the UK. You can rent pretty much anything on Fat Lama. And there’s a lot of stuff that is potentially useful to travelers. […]

CityStasher: luggage storage solutions in Europe

I often find myself in a city with a few hours to kill before check in at my lodging. Or with a bit of time before a train or flight. In these situations it’s a hassle to lug around a suitcase. Enter CityStasher, a new company that connects local businesses with travelers for short term […]

Peer to Peer Adventure Gear 2016 Obituaries

I’m taking a break from travel right now after a very busy 2016. I do have a few weekend trips planned for this winter, but mostly not involving home exchanges or other peer-to-peer services since I’m just visiting family and friends. This might make for slightly less exciting posts if you’re reading this site for the reviews […]

Peer to Peer Gear Rental Overview

There are a handful of companies that I know about offering peer to peer travel gear rentals and I’ve seen a number of new businesses coming on the scene in this space in the past two years. It’s an interesting model: instead of traveling with that large and hard-to-transport gear, or stuff you rarely use and don’t need to […]

El NeedO Founder Discusses Peer-to-Peer Equipment Rental Market

When you’re traveling it’s nice to pack light but this means it’s hard to fit in much adventure gear. I like to get around using just a carry on size backpack (my current luggage is a Tortuga pack) which works just fine for long term travel, but makes it a challenge to carry gear for […]

Backpacking Trip: Better with Peer to Peer Adventure Gear

I recently went on a backpacking trip and re-discovered the value of super light (which is also super expensive) gear. Somewhere along the many miles of hiking I started thinking about the sharing economy as a way to rent better gear through some of the peer to peer gear-focused startups.

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