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AirBnb buys Peer-to-Peer tour company Trip4Real

Over the past few years AirBnb has been slowly moving into the peer-to-peer tours and activities space, allowing select members to offer tours that are offered to people when they book a place to stay with AirBnb. This is a logical extension of AirBnb’s peer to peer rental lodging business. People making bookings with AirBnb are mostly tourists, […]

Your Local Cousin: Getting Advice from a Local for a Trip to Santiago

Last year I wrote about Your Local Cousin, a website devoted to helping travelers get custom advice from locals. Since that report the website was relaunched, new features added, and new locals engaged. So I decided it was time to try it out again when I booked a trip to Santiago for a week. I’d be […]

Free Tours of Narita for your Tokyo Airport Entertainment

Following up on my fabulous 9 hour overnight layover in Tokyo at the start of a recent trip, I had another long layover on my return trip, this time landing and departing from Narita airport. The city of Narita is funding free transit tours for people with some time to kill at the airport. I didn’t want […]

Behind the Scenes (again) with TravelingSpoon

Once again on a trip to Malaysia I had the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for TravelingSpoon, testing out a new food experience for them in Kuala Lumpur. I was thrilled to help out this awesome company by offering up my stomach and camera to make sure the meal was up to their high standards.

Peer to Peer Tours go Mainstream with Airlines Jumping Onboard

Since I wrote my overview of peer-to-peer tours and activities back in 2014 I’ve seen a tremendous growth in this area of the travel industry. In my spreadsheet I have 71 companies listed, and I learn about new ones all the time. For the most part the business model involves locals creating listings on a website […]

El NeedO Founder Discusses Peer-to-Peer Equipment Rental Market

When you’re traveling it’s nice to pack light but this means it’s hard to fit in much adventure gear. I like to get around using just a carry on size backpack (my current luggage is a Tortuga pack) which works just fine for long term travel, but makes it a challenge to carry gear for […]

More Peer-to-Peer Negligence Cases: Boatbound Lawsuit

Following up on my Deaths on Airbnb post, BuzzFeed ran a story recently about a woman who lost a leg in a boating accident while renting through Boatbound, a peer-to-peer boat rental site.  The woman is now suing Boatbound, the boat owner, and a friend of hers who was operating the boat during her accident […]

Trip4real Barcelona: Peer-to-Peer Tour of Gracia Bars

While in Barcelona an American friend and I spent an evening with a Barcelona native, Julia, enjoying a trip4real tour of the Gracia district’s tapas bars. This neighborhood is popular with locals but not (yet) very much seen by tourists. In fact on my 10 day visit to this city last year I never ventured […]

Interview with Trip4real CEO Gloria Molins

While on a visit to Barcelona in December I had the chance to meet up with Gloria Molins, founder of trip4real, and learn about her vision for a business that connects travelers with locals for authentic and meaningful experiences. Just three years old, this company has emerged as the second largest in the space, with more than 5000 […]

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