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Localfu Offers Tourists Plans from Locals for $5

Founded in 2014, Localfu is an innovative take on sharing economy travel. They connect travelers with locals who will construct customized travel plans. For instance, if you are going to Harbor Springs, Michigan, and want to know where you can camp near the beach, you can get in touch with Jordan who will tell you about the best […]

My Critique of Peer to Peer Tour Guide Websites

I love the aspect of the sharing economy that allows me to meet locals while traveling.  And I enjoy seeing things from the perspective of these locals. So peer to peer travel experiences are an attractive concept. I’m far more likely to pay for a unique walk around town with a local than I am […]

Flamenco Explained: Peer to Peer Travel Experience in Sevilla

I finally got around to trying out a peer to peer travel experience in Spain while in Sevilla. I used the site that is focused on Spain exclusively right now, Trip4Real, but there are a number of peer to peer tour guide options available.

Traveling Spoon Facilitates Food Tourism Through Local Experiences

Traveling Spoon is a new peer to peer company offering in-home meals and cooking classes in countries throughout Asia. Unlike some peer to peer platforms, Traveling Spoon vets all home cooks in person to ensure the quality of the experience. These authentic meal experiences are earning rave reviews from travelers, and Traveling Spoon is hoping […]

Trip4Real Interview

Trip4Real is one of the peer to peer tour guide services that has appeared in the sharing economy in the past few years. Leveraging the experience and insight of locals, Trip4Real provides a platform for people to serve as tour guides and activity hosts for travelers. Founded in 2013, Trip4Real currently exists only in Spain but they recently raised […]

Sharing Economy Boat Rentals

Peer to Peer boat rental companies have come on strong over the past three years. This is an area that is ripe for sharing as most boats are idle most of the time (according to GetMyBoat the average boat is used only 8% of the time), and boat ownership is out of reach or just unpractical for […]

Airbnb Experiments with Experiences: Peer to Peer Activity Guides

In a private beta test only available to select users, Airbnb is experimenting with a new service, offering peer to peer activity guides in the San Francisco and Paris markets. These “experiences,” as Airbnb calls them, include guided tours, hikes, meals with locals, and other similar activities, very much like what can be found on Vayable. […]

First Boat Sharing App in Development

We Are On A Boat is a new iphone app providing a platform for people with boats to share the boating fun. The first boat sharing mobile app, We Are On A Boat is a peer to peer tool that encourages people to provide gifts and rewards towards the boating fun rather than payment (i.e. contributing a picnic lunch). Although […]

I Like Local: Peer to Peer Travel Experiences and Homestays

Another new entrant into the sharing economy of adventure activities, I Like Local offers a variation on the theme of peer to peer tour guides. Unlike other companies in the travel activity space, I Like Local includes homestays, farmstays, and volunteering opportunities as a significant portion of their offerings, and these are focused in Southeast Asia, a […]

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