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Quick Weekend Home Exchange Getaway

Last weekend we took off on a 3.5 hour drive south to San Luis Obispo (aka SLO) for a short home exchange getaway. I suppose some places are better than others for fun quick road trips over the weekend. But for me there’s always something nice about getting out of my home and experiencing a few days […]

Holiday Home Exchange: Much Better Than a Hotel

Often my wife and I stay in hotels over the December holidays while visiting family. There’s just not enough room in the house for everyone. But hotels are not cheap! And while we’ve tried using hotel points to cover the cost in the past, it’s a bit tricky and not the best use of earned miles/points. So […]

Home Exchange 1 Year Membership Giveaway

HomeExchange.com, one of the largest home exchange websites, and one that I use to successfully book many of my swaps, is giving away some free memberships for the holidays. This is a 12 month membership, a $120 value, which can only be used by new members. I assume they sent these referral links to all active members, […]

Home Exchange Makes you Happy and Trusting

Maybe it’s not causal, but a recent survey found that home exchangers are more trusting and overall happy with the swap experience. Homeexchange.com collaborated with the University of Bergamo (Italy) on a study conducted on members of this popular home exchange site to look at the profile and motivations of the typical house swapper. The study was done […]

Answering Home Exchange Nights Purchase Critics

I recently wrote a series about points-based home exchange and one of my readers said I missed his biggest criticism of the system. He does not like that some home exchange websites offer members the option to purchase nights. From the perspective of my reader, this amounts to the company making money off of your home, but […]

Do you Need Travel Insurance for a Home Exchange?

  People purchase travel insurance policies to protect themselves against unforeseen events. If  you have to cancel a trip these policies will reimburse you for non-refundable purchases (depending on reasons for cancellation covered by the policy), and many will also provide emergency medical evacuation. These are both potential costly problems. The tricky question is whether the risk is high […]

Home Exchange with Points Part 3 – Answering the Critics

Check out the first 2 reports on Home Exchange with Points: Part 1 – Why I Like Points Part 2 – Choosing the Right System for You Now that I’ve covered why I like points swapping, I want to address why a lot of folks who like home exchange don’t like the points-based home exchange concept. In […]

Home Exchange with Points Part 2 – Choosing the Right System for You

Check out Part 1 of Home Exchange with Points: why I like points and Part 3: Home Exchange with Points: Answering the critics In this post I explain the variations on points-based home exchange and review the websites offering a points option for house swapping. I am aware of only a few home exchange sites that currently offer points swap […]

Home Exchange with Points

This is part 1 of a 3 part series which includes: Part 1 – Why I Like Points Part 2 – Choosing the Right System for You Part 3 – Answering the Critics I’m a big fan of home exchange: it’s a great way to travel without paying for lodging. You are leveraging the mortgage/rent that […]

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