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Home Exchange with Points Part 2 – Choosing the Right System for You

Check out Part 1 of Home Exchange with Points: why I like points and Part 3: Home Exchange with Points: Answering the critics In this post I explain the variations on points-based home exchange and review the websites offering a points option for house swapping. I am aware of only a few home exchange sites that currently offer points swap […]

Home Exchange with Points

This is part 1 of a 3 part series which includes: Part 1 – Why I Like Points Part 2 – Choosing the Right System for You Part 3 – Answering the Critics I’m a big fan of home exchange: it’s a great way to travel without paying for lodging. You are leveraging the mortgage/rent that […]

Sharing Economy Friends and Home Town Tour Swaps

I know I’ve written about this a few times now, but I’m still very much surprised by all the friends I’m making through house swapping and general sharing economy travel activities. This might be partly due to the incredible friendliness of people in Spain. But by the end of our recent trip we had more offers for tour […]

Final Home Exchange in Spain: Points for Hospitality

In our final house swap on this month-long Spain adventure we’re staying in Granada at the home of a man I met through the website GuestToGuest. This site uses Guest Points as the currency of exchange, allowing members to earn points by hosting people in their home and then spending those points in any place […]

Home Exchange with Points in Cádiz

Traditionally home exchange is done simultaneously, you find someone who wants to travel to your home town the same dates you want to visit their town, and you swap houses. It’s a beautifully simple proposition that carries with it some inherent security since you know exactly where this person lives. Of course the challenge is […]

Free Lodging in Sevilla via Home Exchange Hospitality

We’ve arrived in Sevilla, yet another super cute and friendly Spanish city, with delicious food, gorgeous architecture, and an abundance of beautiful churches. And in this city we have the added benefit of the hospitality of some friends we met through home exchange.

Barcelona Home Exchange Report: Free is Fabulous

I’m relaxing in the living room of my two bedroom apartment after a day of touring around Barcelona.  This place is in a very central location and so far I’ve been able to walk everywhere. In addition to the usual amenities of someone’s home (fully stocked kitchen, nice bathroom, cable TV, comfy bed, laundry), this flat also […]

Free Month of Lodging in Spain Through Home Exchange (mostly)

I’m excited to be heading to Spain, and even more excited to be taking this trip without paying for lodging anywhere in the country. Here’s the basic outline of how we’re visiting 6 cities over a month in the country without spending any money on hotels. 

Travel on the Cheap: Sharing Economy Resources for House Swappers

I was asked to write a guest post for the HomeExchange.com blog which I never reposted here. It’s an overview of some of the best sharing economy resources for travelers who are already planning to do a home exchange as a part of their trip. You can read the full article here: Travel on the Cheap

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