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Reader question: finding a long term exchange

I got a tough question from a reader last week: Thank you for your great blog!  It is definitely helpful for those of us that are just starting to think about home exchange. My wife and I (with 1 small dog) are looking to do a home exchange between our house in Florida and a […]

Reader question: hospitality exchanges

A reader recently wrote to me with an interesting question: I have been reading your site and have learned a lot.  I initially thought I would “home swap”, but I think I like other options. I live on Cape cod and our season of interest is limited.  I have a very nice room over the […]

Home swap management questions

A reader recently commented: I don’t read many blogs but I really enjoy yours! Thank you. Can you share info about how often your own home(s) are swapped out and how that fits into your own (presumably) traveling lifestyle? Can you talk about how much work it is to administrate and manage home swaps from […]

What to do with home exchange listings if you’re moving

While the typical house swapper might be a bit more established in their life and lodging, many of us won’t stay in the same home forever. And once you’ve planned a move you need to figure out what to do with your home exchange listings. This isn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be.

Hosting a house swap guest for one night

I’ve managed to find a few home exchanges for one night stays. For instance, my recent stay in London. But I’ve never hosted someone for just one night. To get a one night home swap I think you have to be open to the possibility that your host might be home. Be prepared to stay […]

Brussels home exchange: perfect location for tourists

During a recent visit to Brussels I found a home swap through the GuesttoGuest network. It could not have been in a better spot. Right in the center of all the sights of interest to tourists. The owner of the flat rents it out most of the time, presumably on Airbnb. But he also occasionally […]

Smallest House Swap Ever

On a recent visit to Paris I had two nights alone in the city. I needed a place to stay for just one person. Airbnb has some reasonably priced options in Paris. But of course I prefer a home exchange to a rental. After a relatively short search I ended up booking a place on […]

House Swapping in Latin America: Belocal Home Exchange interview

I came across the BeLocal Exchange home exchange network this year after their twitter account started following mine. Focused on Latin America, BeLocal is one of the few new house swap networks I’ve heard of in the past two years. I immediately went to the BeLocal website and started looking around. I had a few questions, and […]

Repeat home exchange in London

Earlier this year I wrote about my luck finding a one night Easter house swap in London. I stayed with a family that lives close to Heathrow airport for the night before my flight home. I found myself with a one night layover in London again this October. So I reached out to the same […]

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