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Updating membership counts for Home Exchange networks

I spent a lot of time in July updating my membership counts (and other details) for all the existing home exchange networks. You can find this information in my spreadsheet here.  I put the most effort into validating the accuracy of counts for networks that have >5000 members. Most people doing home exchange factor the […]

Updated list of points-based home swap networks

Most people think of home exchanges as simultaneous swaps. I go to your home while you stay in mine. But points-based exchanging is another popular way of house swapping. You earn the right to stay in other people’s homes by hosting people in your own. It’s like putting free lodging in a piggy bank to […]

I’m earning a home exchange balloon!

A year ago HomeExchange.com introduced Balloons, their version of points-based house swapping. Instead of having to arrange for a simultaneous home exchange, having to agree on exact dates to stay in one another homes, members can earn and spend “balloons” on swaps. Here’s an example of how it works: Let’s say I’m going to be […]

Home Exchange Networks Consolidate in 2017

There was a lot of consolidation in the home exchange industry over the past year. While working on my annual review of all house swap networks I found a lot of smaller websites shut down. Since June 2016 15 home exchange networks have closed, and one pivoted into rentals. I often don’t notice when smaller […]

How I wasted points booking a home swap I don’t need

I just booked a 2 night stay in Bali in a fabulous looking home right near the beach, with a pool and even with staff as it’s part of a resort. I’m really just passing through Bali; I need to fly there to catch a flight home. This story is kind of complicated. And it involves […]

Hosting more strangers via GuestToGuest home exchange

This year I planned a vacation to Japan that involved traveling between cities every few days. There aren’t many home exchanges available in Japan. And moving around that much makes it even harder to find house swaps. So I used hotel points for mostly free lodging on this trip instead. And that means my home […]

Is Points Borrowing a Good Option for Home Exchange Members?

On my recent London home exchange I met a family who borrowed some points from LoveHomeSwap to book their next vacation. This week LoveHomeSwap sent out an email advertising this points-borrowing service so I looked more closely at what they are offering.

Updating my Home Exchange Network Reviews

Every year since starting this website I have updated my reviews of the major home exchange networks. Those that didn’t make any changes from the previous year don’t get updates. But I do write a lot of new reviews! And it’s time to start the update process again.

Fun night at my London hosted home exchange

While in London recently I spent a night at the home of a family in Brentford. This is a town about halfway between the city and the airport. It looks a lot like the rest of the London suburbs. A place that I would never have visited on my own. But it turned out to be […]

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