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Leaving Bad Reviews for Home Exchanges

I’ve been thinking about how to leave a less-than-stellar review for a home exchange based on my experiences in Rome. I think there were some serious omissions to the ad for the flat, and I’m really surprised this host has only 5 star reviews. It wasn’t a bad exchange, but I want to warn other […]

Not all Home Exchanges are Perfect

I’ve had a lot of really good home exchange experiences. But they’re not all going to be perfect. My recent trip to Rome underscored this point, while still reminding me why I prefer home swapping to staying in a hotel.

Premium Home Exchange Services

I just got an announcement from HomeExchange.com about a new service they call Home Exchange Gold. This service existed a few years ago so technically it’s not new. But I believe the old service was for luxury homes and now this service is being marketed as more of a high touch experience. This got me […]

Are Extra Charges from Home Exchange Hosts OK?

I recently booked a home exchange on the Guest to Guest network for an upcoming trip to Rome. It’s a points-based exchange because I’m going with a friend so I can’t do a simultaneous swap. We will be staying in someone’s vacation home, which I think she occasionally rents out, but also uses regularly herself. […]

Details on the Guest to Guest Home Exchange Trip Liability and Insurance

I was booking a home exchange on the Guest to Guest website recently and I noticed some good detail about liability and trip insurance you can purchase. A few months back I wrote about the new Guest to Guest medical insurance policies, and I really like that G2G is adding these features that many people purchase […]

New Home Exchange Network Focuses on Long Term Swaps

Restate is a new home exchange network that allows people to leverage the home they own to make a short term move to a new place. The model is similar to home exchanges for vacations, but with a few key differences. The emphasis here is on moving to a new location for a period of at least one […]

Pros and Cons of Hosted Home Exchanges

Home exchanges come in a few different flavors. One that I haven’t talked much about is the hosted home exchange where you stay with someone while they are home. This can be done two ways: one is where someone hosts you with the promise that you will host them in the future. Basically a version of […]

Santiago hosted home exchange (with points)

When I found a mistake fare to Santiago, Chile a few months ago I arranged for a home swap using points on Guest to Guest, one of my main go-to home exchange networks. Traveling alone, I found a few options for hosted home exchanges and picked the one that seemed like the best fit for my […]

Home Exchange to Las Vegas

Recently I had a travel conference to attend in Las Vegas, and everyone attending was looking for a great deal on hotels. These are people who know travel, so they were all going to find the best lodging opportunities balancing cost with premium experiences. Naturally I immediately started searching for a home exchange.

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