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Barcelona Home Exchange Report: Free is Fabulous

I’m relaxing in the living room of my two bedroom apartment after a day of touring around Barcelona.  This place is in a very central location and so far I’ve been able to walk everywhere. In addition to the usual amenities of someone’s home (fully stocked kitchen, nice bathroom, cable TV, comfy bed, laundry), this flat also […]

Free Month of Lodging in Spain Through Home Exchange (mostly)

I’m excited to be heading to Spain, and even more excited to be taking this trip without paying for lodging anywhere in the country. Here’s the basic outline of how we’re visiting 6 cities over a month in the country without spending any money on hotels. 

Travel on the Cheap: Sharing Economy Resources for House Swappers

I was asked to write a guest post for the HomeExchange.com blog which I never reposted here. It’s an overview of some of the best sharing economy resources for travelers who are already planning to do a home exchange as a part of their trip. You can read the full article here: Travel on the Cheap

Non-Simultaneous Home Exchange

When I first signed up for a few house swapping websites I assumed that non-simultaneous exchange wasn’t an option for me.  I have only one home, and I live in it. I admit I was a bit envious of people with the flexibility to offer a second home up for swap on any date, presumably giving […]

Couchsurfing Hopes to Regain Leadership in Sharing Economy Lodging

Founded in 2004, Couchsurfing was an innovative leader in peer to peer lodging, providing a platform for travelers to find a free place to sleep around the world, and facilitating cultural exchanges. Especially popular with the low budget backpacking crowd, Couchsurfing changed the way many people approached travel and lodging.

Couchsurfing Meets House Swapping: Trampolinn Launches New Home Exchange Service

Trampolinn launched a new home exchange service in March, entering the rather crowded field of house swap sites which now includes 67 others. But their take on the home exchange is a bit different; they are focused on a points-based system. Only a few other home exchange programs use points right now, though there seems to be […]

Vakast: New Vacation Lodging Search Option

In the realm of peer to peer rental lodging there are a lot of companies competing for your business. I wrote an overview of the options with my recommendations for the most efficient places to search for a place to rent. But now that Vakast has come on the scene I need to update my suggestions. […]

Trading Labor for Lodging

There are a number of new sharing economy companies offering lodging in exchange for volunteer work. While this isn’t a new concept, these peer to peer companies are connecting volunteers/workers with individuals and opportunities that were not previously available, and in some cases they are doing it with a much better user experience. The established companies […]

I Like Local: Peer to Peer Travel Experiences and Homestays

Another new entrant into the sharing economy of adventure activities, I Like Local offers a variation on the theme of peer to peer tour guides. Unlike other companies in the travel activity space, I Like Local includes homestays, farmstays, and volunteering opportunities as a significant portion of their offerings, and these are focused in Southeast Asia, a […]

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