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Response Rates on Home Exchange Membership Sites

There’s a lot of discussion about the importance of response rates among the home exchange community. Some feel strongly that it is important to show respect for every request for a swap by responding, ideally something personalized. While it’s more important to me whether or not I can find a swap that matches my desired destinations […]

Peer to Peer Pet Sitting and Pet Sharing

For travelers with pets, there is a significant additional cost, and no small amount of anxiety, associated with taking a vacation away from home. While many dog kennels have improved their facilities and services, they are still associated with sad pets locked in small spaces pining away for their master’s return. And they aren’t cheap! […]

Repeat House Swaps: A Vacation Home for Free

I had my first experience with a repeat house swap a few weeks ago and it’s a delightful bonus to the home exchange experience. While I’ve never wanted to own a vacation home because I prefer to spend my holiday money and time visiting new places, I’m really enjoying having a vacation home for free. In […]

Interview with HelpStay Founder: Exchanging Work for Lodging

This week I spoke with Shay Gleeson, the founder of HelpStay.com, about the website he recently launched, his vision for the future of couch surfing, and his take on meaningful traveling on a limited budget. In a review of peer to peer rental lodging I mentioned briefly the opportunity to trade labor for lodging. There […]

Interview with Guest to Guest Founder: Home Exchange with Guest Points

I had the opportunity to talk with Emannuel Arnaud, the founder of GuestToGuest, to learn more about this home exchange website. GuestToGuest is now one of the two largest home swap sites, exceeding 50,000 members. I learned about their plans to take over the world, gained a better understanding of GuestPoints, and found out about some […]

Sharing Economy Vacation Rentals

In addition to home exchange, my favorite sharing economy lodging option, there are a lot of companies facilitating peer to peer rental (and free) lodging. This article provides an overview of the current market and hopefully will help you find the best place to look for your next vacation rental or host. 

The Vacation Exchange Network Review

 Review date: May 2014 thevacationexchange.com Vacation homes only, mostly in the U.S. Founded in 1997 First year free, $69.95/yr; $250/exchange, $500/indirect exchange week  English only 1500 listings mostly in the U.S.

Exclusive Exchanges Review

 Review date: May 2014 exclusiveexchanges.com Luxury homes only $399/year English only 1670 listings 

Hotel Points: Free Lodging When House Swapping isn’t Possible

While I’d like to arrange a house swap everywhere I go, sometimes this isn’t possible. It can be difficult to find a swap for exact dates to a specific location if you can’t be flexible, and some destinations (Belize for instance) just don’t have many people participating in home exchange. In addition, if you want […]

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