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The Vacation Exchange Network Review

 Review date: May 2014 thevacationexchange.com Vacation homes only, mostly in the U.S. Founded in 1997 First year free, $69.95/yr; $250/exchange, $500/indirect exchange week  English only 1500 listings mostly in the U.S.

Exclusive Exchanges Review

 Review date: May 2014 exclusiveexchanges.com Luxury homes only $399/year English only 1670 listings 

Hotel Points: Free Lodging When House Swapping isn’t Possible

While I’d like to arrange a house swap everywhere I go, sometimes this isn’t possible. It can be difficult to find a swap for exact dates to a specific location if you can’t be flexible, and some destinations (Belize for instance) just don’t have many people participating in home exchange. In addition, if you want […]

Why Home Exchange is a Good Vacation Lodging Option

Every house swap website has some sort of FAQ or introductory article about why you should participate in home exchange. But they all have some financial interest in getting you to sign up, so here’s my completely free-from-financial-interest take on it.

Only in America Home Exchange Review

This is a pretty basic house swap site, without many features. But if you only want to travel within the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and you don’t want to be bothered by listings or invitations from anywhere else in the world, this might be a good site for you to join. OIA does have a relatively large number of listings in this specific region of the world. Though the larger house swap sites have these numbers and a lot of other options and features as well.

Seniors Home Exchange Review

 Review date: April 2014 seniorshomeexchange.com Specialty: Seniors $59/3yrs, $100/lifetime English only 3168 listings in 57 countries

Exchangeo Review

Review date: April 2014 exchangeo.co.uk Founded in 2007 Specialty: France Free to make a listing, €27 to contact members English, Spanish, French, Italian, German 3045 listings

Green Theme International Review

See also my more recent review of the First Home Exchange Alliance Review date: April 2014 gti-home-exchange.com Founded in 1989 £ 25/year They are part of the First Home Exchange Alliance (FHEA), this site shares listings and virtually identical functionality with the following sites: InventedCity Home Base Holidays Green Theme International Guardian English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, […]

House Swap Holidays Review

Review date: April 2014 houseswapholidays.com.au Specialty: New Zealand and Australia only Founded in 2009 Owned by two Kiwis living in Australia who also run Your Home for Mine, a virtually identical site but without the Australia and New Zealand focus. $75.95/yr (half price now) English only 3601 listings

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