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How many points is your home worth?

I’ve been thinking about point valuation of homes this year as I did a lot of my house swaps using the points-based system of exchange. My swaps were primarily on two networks: LoveHomeSwap and GuesttoGuest, and both sites allow members to set the points value of a night their home. As a result there is a lot […]

Successful Three-Way Swap for the Holidays

A few weeks ago I described the points-based home exchange I had set up for our holiday visit to family. It involved paying in points to stay in the home of someone who was away visiting her own family, and then during our time out of town, a couple from France would be paying us in […]

Airbnb Rentals may soon be Available on Lodging Metasearch Sites

I’ve had a draft post in my queue for about a year, ever since I did a comparison of peer to peer rental lodging metasearch tools and followups describing my search failures and explaining why most of them don’t integrate Airbnb very well. After those posts some additional rental metasearch sites reached out to ask that I include them […]

2016 Year in Review: 8 Home Exchanges

I’ve been lucky to enjoy some amazing travel adventures this year. And as the year draws to a close I took a look back at all the home exchanges I’ve done in 2016. It turns out this year did not include any simultaneous exchanges where we stayed in someone’s home while they stayed in ours. […]

Holiday Home Exchange Planning

Once again I’ve booked a lovely home exchange for our holiday visit to see family. This one is right near the beach, and frankly much bigger than we need. But it was the only positive response I got to all my inquiries, and I’m certainly not complaining about the spa on the property. I have […]

A Perplexing Propensity for Old News

My most popular post by far is the one I wrote on “Best Home Exchange Websites”. That makes sense since that’s kinda the reason I started sharetraveler.com. I spent days searching for reviews and information to help me figure out which home exchange sites to sign up for, and found very little. So apparently I’m right […]

Free HomeExchange.com Membership

Once again this year HomeExchange.com is giving members a one year free membership to gift to someone else. The only requirements: the recipient must be new to this home exchange network, and it has to be redeemed by January 31, 2017.  

Peer to Peer Home Rental Insurance Pilot from Allstate

Many home insurance policies in the United States don’t cover peer-to-peer rentals. This means people listing their homes for rent on sites like AirBnb may not have insurance coverage if a renters steals stuff or trashes the house. The insurance industry has been slow to respond to the need for coverage in the now popular sharing […]

New Home Exchange Deal in Asia

Home Exchange options are very limited in Asia. But there are a lot of people traveling in that region, and a growing number of folks offering lodging on AirBnb-type rental sites. So it seems like a smart move that HomeExchange.com and TripVillas recently closed a deal to offer Home Exchange services to TripVillas Asia members. The press release […]

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