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LoveHomeSwap Review May 2017

This review includes incorrect membership estimates for Love Home Swap. I discovered misleading search features that were causing me to dramatically overestimate the membership of this network. Click here to read my latest (more accurate) review. lovehomeswap.com Founded in 2009 14 day free trial $240/year membership, $408/year standard (always on sale for $276), $816/year platinum (always on […]

Is Points Borrowing a Good Option for Home Exchange Members?

On my recent London home exchange I met a family who borrowed some points from LoveHomeSwap to book their next vacation. This week LoveHomeSwap sent out an email advertising this points-borrowing service so I looked more closely at what they are offering.

HomeExchange.com Review April 2017

 Review updated April 2017 homeexchange.com Founded in 1992 $150 per year for first listing, $75 for additional listings Sold in 2017 to Guest to Guest 16 languages 65,000 listings in 150 countries  Listings by geographic region (approximate, based on counting from map view): Africa: 300 Asia:  400 North America: 20,000 Europe: 35,000 Oceana: 2300 South America: 1000 These numbers […]

Updating my Home Exchange Network Reviews

Every year since starting this website I have updated my reviews of the major home exchange networks. Those that didn’t make any changes from the previous year don’t get updates. But I do write a lot of new reviews! And it’s time to start the update process again.

Fun night at my London hosted home exchange

While in London recently I spent a night at the home of a family in Brentford. This is a town about halfway between the city and the airport. It looks a lot like the rest of the London suburbs. A place that I would never have visited on my own. But it turned out to be […]

Earning home exchange points while traveling for work

I’m not very good about keeping my home exchange network calendars up to date. In theory, everyone notes the dates they have available. This makes searching for a swap much easier. But with our travel plans constantly evolving, I often forget to update these calendars. Still I get a lot of requests that end up overlapping […]

Last minute home exchange is sometimes possible

It was March 13 when I remembered that I needed lodging in London for one night on April 15. That’s last minute in the world of home exchange. But I figured with points I might have a shot finding something. I hopped on to LoveHomeSwap, one of the networks I use, and searched for homes advertising […]

How Pervasive is Misleading Advertising in Home Exchange?

My recent post about LoveHomeSwap’s misleading advertising was very popular and inspired a lot of responses. Some people are concerned that there is a widespread practice of misinformation in home exchange. I want to address this fear with some facts.

New GuestPoints Calculation on GuesttoGuest

On March 1 GuesttoGuest changed the way they calculate the point value of homes. GuestPoints are the currency this home exchange network uses house swapping. Everyone fixes on a value for a night in their home, and earns points by hosting guests. And then members spend those points staying at other people’s houses. I’ve written about the challenge of […]

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