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Intervac Home Exchange Review

Update June 2016: Intervac Review Update January 2015: Why I’m Letting my Intervac Subscription Expire Review date: April 2014 us.intervac-homeexchange.com Founded in 1953 $99/year, 14 day free trial 15 languages Started in Europe by some teachers 6,642 listings

Love Home Swap Review

I have an updated review of this site: LoveHomeSwap Review April 2015 Review date: April 2014 lovehomeswap.com Founded in 2009 14 day free trial $189/year gold membership, $229/year silver membership, $249/year platinum membership English and French Significant venture and private equity funding since 2011 53,000 listings in 160+ countries

HomeExchange Review

I have an updated review here: HomeExchange.com May 2015 Review  Review date: April 2014 homeexchange.com Founded in 1992 $119 per year, $60/year for new listings 14 day free trial Privately held and run by Ed Kushkins 16 languages 41,000 listings in 150 countries 

How my explorations into lodging sharing started

It started with a trip to Southeast Asia with a friend who had been traveling around the world for almost a year. She was traveling alone and mostly staying in hostels. So when we met up we talked about what I required in lodging, setting expectations for what we would do while traveling together. At […]

My first house swap

Well I burned my hand. File that under lessons in caution when cooking in someone else’s kitchen. The oven mitt here isn’t like mine, no palm protection. So I’m typing with a throbbing hand. Also I never found salt in this kitchen. But the differences between our kitchens are surprisingly few. We seem to buy […]

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