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Trading Labor for Lodging

There are a number of new sharing economy companies offering lodging in exchange for volunteer work. While this isn’t a new concept, these peer to peer companies are connecting volunteers/workers with individuals and opportunities that were not previously available, and in some cases they are doing it with a much better user experience. The established companies […]

I Like Local: Peer to Peer Travel Experiences and Homestays

Another new entrant into the sharing economy of adventure activities, I Like Local offers a variation on the theme of peer to peer tour guides. Unlike other companies in the travel activity space, I Like Local includes homestays, farmstays, and volunteering opportunities as a significant portion of their offerings, and these are focused in Southeast Asia, a […]

Gigoing: Trade Labor for Lodging

I find the opportunity to trade labor for lodging on a short term basis very compelling. This is a great way to travel without spending money, and to gain some new and interesting experiences. I’ve written about variations on lodging opportunities in the sharing economy  in my review of peer to peer rental lodging, and […]

Interview with HelpStay Founder: Exchanging Work for Lodging

This week I spoke with Shay Gleeson, the founder of, about the website he recently launched, his vision for the future of couch surfing, and his take on meaningful traveling on a limited budget. In a review of peer to peer rental lodging I mentioned briefly the opportunity to trade labor for lodging. There […]

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