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Japan’s growing peer to peer travel scene

A new Japanese law enacted this summer required Airbnb hosts to register and display a license. To comply with the law Airbnb was forced to cancel a lot of bookings at the last minute. This was some very bad press for peer to peer travel services in Japan. And a surprising number of sharing economy […]

Travel vaccine lessons from my Madagascar trip

Over the past 15 years my travels have required a lot of vaccines. I’ve pretty much covered all the bases. So I got lazy and  barely look at vaccine recommendations anymore. It turns out that’s not necessarily a good policy. I’m planning a trip  to Madagascar this year. And I discovered that Madagascar requires proof […]

Torres del Paine packing list suggestions

I find packing lists super helpful when planning my travels. I have a bunch of generic ones I copy from, depending on the type of trip I’m taking. One for hot climates, one for cold climates, etc. But I don’t have a generic backpacking list because each trip is very different. Also because I just […]

Torres del Paine backpacking – Important things to know

There are a lot of things I wish I had known before setting out on my 8 day backpacking trip around Torres del Paine. Here I’ve summed up basic stuff I think every hiker should know in advance. Some of these points I found on other blogs, some I didn’t know until I got there. […]

Torres del Paine – details from my trip backpacking the O

This is the first in a series of 3 posts I’m doing on my Torres del Paine backpacking trip. It’s not my usual sharing economy topic but I think I have some useful info that will help others. And even if you don’t plan on ever visiting this park, perhaps you’ll enjoy a few of […]

Peer-to-Peer tours veer into commercial offerings

I love the idea of tours by local non-professional guides. People who just offer to take visitors out to see some of their favorite sights. There are a growing number companies offering peer-to-peer tours. But there is a big challenge: How to ensure the tours and experiences offered are of good quality. I wrote about […]

Floating market tour in Bangkok with Local Guddy

Visiting a floating market is pretty much compulsory on a trip to Bangkok. These weekend markets include lots of good food, shopping, and the interesting sights of people cooking and selling food from boats. Most floating markets also offer the chance to take a longboat trip along the canals. It’s a great place to enjoy […]

Finding a home exchange in Bangkok

Asia isn’t the easiest part of the world to find home exchanges. While house swapping is very popular in other parts of the world, Asian countries are slower to adopt this free travel lodging system. I’m not sure if this is cultural or just a lack of marketing. A quick glance through my house swap […]

Sharing Economy in Southeast Asia: lots of tours and activities

Two years ago I wrote about sharing economy services in Southeast Asia and I see that post is a bit out of date. As I prepare for a trip to Thailand it’s a good time to update that post. There are a ton of options for peer to peer tours and activities in Southeast Asia. […]

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