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Torres del Paine packing list suggestions

I find packing lists super helpful when planning my travels. I have a bunch of generic ones I copy from, depending on the type of trip I’m taking. One for hot climates, one for cold climates, etc. But I don’t have a generic backpacking list because each trip is very different. Also because I just […]

Torres del Paine backpacking – Important things to know

There are a lot of things I wish I had known before setting out on my 8 day backpacking trip around Torres del Paine. Here I’ve summed up basic stuff I think every hiker should know in advance. Some of these points I found on other blogs, some I didn’t know until I got there. […]

Torres del Paine – details from my trip backpacking the O

This is the first in a series of 3 posts I’m doing on my Torres del Paine backpacking trip. It’s not my usual sharing economy topic but I think I have some useful info that will help others. And even if you don’t plan on ever visiting this park, perhaps you’ll enjoy a few of […]

Your Local Cousin: Getting Advice from a Local for a Trip to Santiago

Last year I wrote about Your Local Cousin, a website devoted to helping travelers get custom advice from locals. Since that report the website was relaunched, new features added, and new locals engaged. So I decided it was time to try it out again when I booked a trip to Santiago for a week. I’d be […]

Santiago hosted home exchange (with points)

When I found a mistake fare to Santiago, Chile a few months ago I arranged for a home swap using points on Guest to Guest, one of my main go-to home exchange networks. Traveling alone, I found a few options for hosted home exchanges and picked the one that seemed like the best fit for my […]

Arranging a home exchange for Santiago

I recently came across a $350 round trip airfare to Santiago. Of course I had to jump on it as I’ve always wanted to visit Chile. Unfortunately the dates didn’t work out so that weather would be appropriate to visit Patagonia, so Torres del Paine will have to wait for another trip. But I’m excited to […]

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