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The Value of Home Exchange

I started doing home exchanges to save money, and although I have found a lot of other advantages to this system of lodging for travel, in the end for me the finances are the biggest benefit of house swapping. My recent trip to Iceland really underscored this point.

Hitchhiking in Iceland

This is a rather long post describing my experience hitchhiking in Iceland. I haven’t done much hitchhiking elsewhere in the world but I heard it’s quite safe in Iceland and it turned out to be great fun. If you’re not interested in my day-to-day experience, stop reading now! After spending 5 days in Reykjavik I knew I […]

Using Home Exchange Points to Travel in Iceland

Traveling in Iceland is expensive, and going alone is not a good way to save money. Even the dorm beds in the hostels are pricey (and they charge extra for bedding!). Often to save money I will look for a home exchange, but for this trip I couldn’t do a simultaneous home exchange since my wife stayed home and so […]

Making Friends and Ridesharing in Iceland

Traveling alone in Iceland can be an expensive proposition so finding people to share rides with is key to saving money on your trip. Also, the shared goal of getting around Iceland is a great way to make friends. There are other avenues to meeting people if you just want to chat with some locals. Here I’ll […]

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