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Free is better than cheap: Lisbon home exchange success

I booked an Airbnb stay in Lisbon for my two day quick exploration of that city. It was for a spare room in someone’s apartment. The price was only $28 per night for a location in the heart of the city, and with a host who had tons if fabulous reviews. It even included breakfast. I was pretty […]

Running Drugs to Colombia

I still can’t think of the Colombian city Medellín without automatically filling in the words “drug cartels” as in “Medellín drug cartels.” I think this speaks to the power of the American media in the 80s and 90s during the Reagan-initiated “war on drugs” since I know very little about that country otherwise. Ironically, here I am […]

Exploring the Sharing Economy for Travel in Colombia

In anticipation of my upcoming trip to Colombia (super cheap airfare deals from both American Air and Delta) I came up with some sharing economy travel services that seem to have traction in that country. I’ll be trying out some of these and reporting back after the trip.

Ridesharing in Denmark

I wrote about all the ridesharing services in Scandinavia in anticipation of my trip to Sweden and Denmark. It turns out the public transit in Sweden is so easy and efficient that I was never inspired to try out ridesharing in that country. Also I loved Stockholm and was quite happy to stay in the city for […]

How Home Exchange Has Changed the Way I Travel

We’ve just finished a home exchange to Stockholm. First, if you haven’t visited yet, go there. It’s a really beautiful place with good public transit, friendly people, lots of islands and waterways, and a very relaxed vibe for a big city. And this is a place where a home exchange, without a vehicle, is the perfect way to travel. […]

Sharing Economy Growth in Asia

The Asian peer to peer market is growing rapidly so it’s time for another regional roundup. I’ve written before about Southeast Asian peer to peer services, now I want to talk more about China and other parts of Asia. This is a potentially huge market targeting both domestic travelers and international visitors.

Home Cooked Indian Food in Sweden?

A big part of the fun of travel for me is trying out local foods. I don’t need fancy meals, in fact I’m just as happy with street food as I am with a sit down restaurant. I just want to sample interesting local cuisine. So when I was approached by the folks at BonAppetour to try […]

Sharing Economy for Travel Growth in Spain

I had a great time traveling in Spain last year, and found a strong network of sharing economy travel businesses around the country. I saved money by using these services, and also met a lot of interesting and kind locals. Here are some updates to my master spreadsheet of peer to peer travel businesses from Spain […]

Scandinavia Ridesharing Services

When I’m preparing for a trip I like to do some research on the sharing economy services specific to my destination. In this case I’m looking at ridesharing services in Scandinavia. I will be in Stockholm and Copenhagen, taking the train between them because I’ve heard it’s a beautiful and fun ride. While in both […]

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