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Ridesharing in Denmark

I wrote about all the ridesharing services in Scandinavia in anticipation of my trip to Sweden and Denmark. It turns out the public transit in Sweden is so easy and efficient that I was never inspired to try out ridesharing in that country. Also I loved Stockholm and was quite happy to stay in the city for […]

How Home Exchange Has Changed the Way I Travel

We’ve just finished a home exchange to Stockholm. First, if you haven’t visited yet, go there. It’s a really beautiful place with good public transit, friendly people, lots of islands and waterways, and a very relaxed vibe for a big city. And this is a place where a home exchange, without a vehicle, is the perfect way to travel. […]

Home Cooked Indian Food in Sweden?

A big part of the fun of travel for me is trying out local foods. I don’t need fancy meals, in fact I’m just as happy with street food as I am with a sit down restaurant. I just want to sample interesting local cuisine. So when I was approached by the folks at BonAppetour to try […]

Scandinavia Ridesharing Services

When I’m preparing for a trip I like to do some research on the sharing economy services specific to my destination. In this case I’m looking at ridesharing services in Scandinavia. I will be in Stockholm and Copenhagen, taking the train between them because I’ve heard it’s a beautiful and fun ride. While in both […]

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