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Home Exchange on a Loch

After a few days in Edinburgh, we traveled north into the highlands where I had set up another home exchange, this time right on a loch (they don’t call them lakes in Scotland). This house was rather unusual looking, but promised gorgeous landscapes in an area known for it’s beauty. It seemed like a good […]

Edinburgh Home Exchange with Points (and Castles Everywhere)

About nine months ago I found a really great deal on flights to London. So I planned a two week vacation for two, to some unspecified place that we’d get to from London. Six months ago I decided it was time to make a choice about where we’d go, not because I like to plan my […]

Busses are the Best Ridesharing

If you support the concept of ridesharing, where random strangers open up their vehicles to take on riders who are going the same route, it seems obvious you should also like public transportation. It’s nice to share a car so that all four seats are used. But it’s even more efficient to share a 50 seat bus. […]

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