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Sharing Economy in Southeast Asia: lots of tours and activities

Two years ago I wrote about sharing economy services in Southeast Asia and I see that post is a bit out of date. As I prepare for a trip to Thailand it’s a good time to update that post. There are a ton of options for peer to peer tours and activities in Southeast Asia. […]

Booking Challenges with Peer to Peer Tours

  After all the fun I had on my various food and city tours in Malaysia and Bangkok, I decided to try booking another food experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was only going to be in Chiang Mai for 3 days, and didn’t have a plan in advance for this visit. But as soon as […]

Behind the Scenes: Vetting a TravelingSpoon Food Experience in Malaysia

While in Malaysia a few weeks ago I got to act as ambassador for the folks at TravelingSpoon, helping them to vet one of the food experiences they are hoping to offer. As the TravelingSpoon founders explained in the interview I published, they offer a unique peer to peer meal experience service, with each experience personally vetted […]

Eating my way through Bangkok with Peer to Peer Food Tourism

I love to eat, and food tourism is a big part of what I enjoy about travel. So I was very excited to book a day long food tour of Bangkok. I found this tour through ILikeLocal, a company focused on peer to peer travel experiences in Southeast Asia. And it was a magnificent introduction to so many […]

Myanmar Travel Tips

I don’t generally write travel guides, but I think there’s a dearth of information about Myanmar so here’s a post about my recent trip in the hopes that my experience is useful for others. This post will just cover the practical stuff, I’m not going to tell you where to go or what to see as […]

Withlocals Guided Tour of Penang

I’m not usually a fan of organized tours. Traveling around in a tour group makes me impatient: I feel like I’m always waiting for everyone else to be done with something, or rushing to catch up when I want to linger over an interesting sight or stop for some tasty food. Also traditional tour guides […]

Peer to Peer Local Experiences Gaining Popularity

I had the pleasure of spending a half day with Pauline, one of the people offering food tours in Kuala Lumpur through ILikeLocal. (Read my interview with I Like Local here.) Pauline is a native Malaysian who spent several years living abroad in her former life working in IT (and perfecting her English, among other languages). When […]

Exploring the Sharing Economy in Southeast Asia

I’m heading to Southeast Asia in February and starting to think about all the fun things I can do on this trip which will include Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and a brief rock climbing adventure in Laos. I’ve already lined up a few peer to peer activities, and I have a growing list to research and book […]

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