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WorldKoins New Currency Exchange App

One of the financial challenges faced by travelers is figuring out what to do with left over foreign currency. It’s almost impossible to estimate your cash needs exactly when in a foreign country, and so even if you’re getting today’s exchange rate at a fee free ATM, you still end up with some left over at […]

Save Money Using Peer to Peer Currency Exchange

The concept of peer to peer currency exchange is quite ingenious: Instead of paying the high exchange rates charged by banks, or the even higher rates charged by places like Travelex, you connect directly with people who have currency that you need and trade them (at market rate) for currency they need. There are some […]

What’s in Your Wallet (when traveling internationally)?

There is no reason to waste your money paying banks and credit card companies to access your own money when traveling internationally. This post includes tips and tricks to avoid fees and some of my recommendations for security and identification. I don’t carry much in my wallet when I travel, that way there’s less to steal or lose […]

Peer to Peer Currency Exchange

I’ve just come across WeSwap, a peer to peer currency exchange business. They match people traveling in opposite directions to swap local currency with each other for a very low fee. Members of WeSwap load accounts with their local currency and then request currency from other countries in exchange for the money in their account. When a match is […]

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