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Bowls, Cups and Other Local Learnings from a Spain Homestay

Staying with locals provides an entirely different experience from what I see as a tourist. While I’m out on my own I do basically the same things I would do in any city, namely walk around a ton and sample lots of local food and drink. But I learned some interesting things that I didn’t anticipate after 3 […]

Sharing economy travel social benefits

I’m a reasonably outgoing person when I’m traveling, so I often meet new people. But it’s rare that these meetings result in much more than a casual conversation. Every once in a while I’ll end up with a new facebook connection who fades into the distance so I barely remember who they were a year […]

Minimalist Packing

I met a woman a few weeks ago who just got back from a trip to Europe. While she was in the Paris train station (near the end of her trip) all of her stuff was stolen. She just put her bags down for a minute while figuring out which train ticket to purchase, and someone […]

My Travel Map

I am starting to realize that a lot of travelers are in to counting how many countries they have visited. I’m all for travel goals, and if this inspires you I think that’s great. There’s even a club for people who have visited more than 100 countries: the Travelers’ Century Club. I’ve never counted my […]

Valencia, Spain: Skipping a Side Trip

How do you decide to skip a side trip on vacation? While staying in Barcelona I was planning to take a trip to Valencia for a day. Known for it’s architecture, beaches and paella, I’ve heard it’s a fun place to see. I also wanted to try out ridesharing in Spain (this was early in my […]

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