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More Sharing Economy Gear Rental and Guides

I’ve written about the emerging sharing economy market for travel gear rental. The idea is that you can travel without lugging all your adventure gear along, and just find locals at your destinations who want to make a few dollars by renting you their surfboard, skis, bike, tent, or other equipment. All of the companies […]

My Best Posts: what the heck do people want to read?

Looking at my site stats for the month of September I see that my table of all house swapping websites is my post popular link. Actually I suspect my table of all peer to peer travel services is even more popular, but I don’t have a wordpress landing page for that so the link goes out directly to […]

Support this Website

I don’t make any money off this website and I don’t run ads or get paid to write reviews. So it would be super cool if you helped me cover my expenses by using the links below. They don’t cost you anything, and some even benefit you! Shop on Amazon using my Amazon affiliate link: just […]

Peer to Peer Delivery News for September 2015

People are always looking for ways to save on travel, but why not turn your trip into a money making opportunity? I wrote this overview of peer to peer delivery last year.  Since that time I’ve found a lot more crowdsourced delivery companies, published interviews with a few of them, and the space keeps growing.  You […]

Sharing Economy Recreational Fun

Looking for a boat, RV, surf board, climbing gear or other equipment to make your travels more fun? I’ve discovered some new companies in this growing peer to peer rental space. You can charter a yacht in Croatia, drive an RV around the U.S., find surf gear in France, rent climbing gear in California, and more. […]

Ridesharing and Peer to Peer Auto Rentals Expanding Internationally

In the Transportation category of my sharing economy travel services spreadsheet I have a bunch of new additions, with many of them in countries that are not exactly on the forefront of peer to peer services. With traffic particularly bad in some of these places (India!) these are welcome additions for locals, and should also […]

Sharing Economy Growth in Asia

The Asian peer to peer market is growing rapidly so it’s time for another regional roundup. I’ve written before about Southeast Asian peer to peer services, now I want to talk more about China and other parts of Asia. This is a potentially huge market targeting both domestic travelers and international visitors.

Sharing Economy Lodging Updates: Kid Swap, Labor for Lodging, Metasearch and More

Adding to my master spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services, today I have some updates on new lodging websites and services. Trade labor for lodging Amons is a new platform for travelers to trade labor for lodging. A number of housing options are already offered on the website in places around the globe (with mobile […]

Sharing Economy for Travel Growth in Spain

I had a great time traveling in Spain last year, and found a strong network of sharing economy travel businesses around the country. I saved money by using these services, and also met a lot of interesting and kind locals. Here are some updates to my master spreadsheet of peer to peer travel businesses from Spain […]

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