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Sharing Economy Growth in Asia

The Asian peer to peer market is growing rapidly so it’s time for another regional roundup. I’ve written before about Southeast Asian peer to peer services, now I want to talk more about China and other parts of Asia. This is a potentially huge market targeting both domestic travelers and international visitors.

Sharing Economy Lodging Updates: Kid Swap, Labor for Lodging, Metasearch and More

Adding to my master spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services, today I have some updates on new lodging websites and services. Trade labor for lodging Amons is a new platform for travelers to trade labor for lodging. A number of housing options are already offered on the website in places around the globe (with mobile […]

Sharing Economy for Travel Growth in Spain

I had a great time traveling in Spain last year, and found a strong network of sharing economy travel businesses around the country. I saved money by using these services, and also met a lot of interesting and kind locals. Here are some updates to my master spreadsheet of peer to peer travel businesses from Spain […]

Sharing Economy Activities Updates

In the sharing economy travel space a lot of new businesses are emerging offering peer to peer tour services to facilitate travelers to explore new destinations guided by locals. There are also opportunities to rent travel gear and a growing number of services for boat rentals and docking. Check out my spreadsheet of peer to peer travel services, in the Activities, […]

New Sharing Travel Services: Boat Docking, Meals, Activities and Lodging

Here’s a roundup of the latest peer to peer travel services I’ve recently discovered, and news or updates on those I’ve written about in the past. Boating news: DockHop launched in December 2014 offering an app that connects boaters seeking docks or moorings with marinas in the United States. This is an interesting new model for peer to peer […]

Camp, Caravan, Cambio and More: New Sharing Economy Lodging Options

There are so many interesting peer to peer lodging options these days, there’s really no reason to ever stay in a hotel (unless you fancy hotels). Here are a few new ones I’ve just added to my lodging spreadsheet. You can also read my overview of peer to peer lodging options here.

Travel Resources Update: Easier to use Spreadsheets

Just a small update: I’ve added in a sub-category to my spreadsheets of sharing economy travel resources. And I cleaned them up a bit for ease of use. So now if you want to find housesitting websites (for instance), you can filter on the “lodging” category and easily select the subcategory of “housesitting.” Hope this helps […]

Updated Sharing Economy Travel Services Tables

Who doesn’t love spreadsheets? Especially when they are devoted to helping you save money and have cool local experiences while traveling. I’ve been doing a lot of updating of my spreadsheets in the background lately. LoveHomeSwap recently came out with this compilation of sharing economy businesses. The map is neat and interactive, but the list seems […]

Sharing Economy Travel News week of September 27

This week I came across a few interesting news items across the travel spectrum in the sharing economy. In the arena of peer to peer meals, EatWith raised $8M. This sector of the sharing economy is an innovative way for people to experience new cuisines and interact with locals while traveling. In the peer to peer […]

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