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Travel Resources Update: Easier to use Spreadsheets

Just a small update: I’ve added in a sub-category to my spreadsheets of sharing economy travel resources. And I cleaned them up a bit for ease of use. So now if you want to find housesitting websites (for instance), you can filter on the “lodging” category and easily select the subcategory of “housesitting.” Hope this helps […]

Updated Sharing Economy Travel Services Tables

Who doesn’t love spreadsheets? Especially when they are devoted to helping you save money and have cool local experiences while traveling. I’ve been doing a lot of updating of my spreadsheets in the background lately. LoveHomeSwap recently came out with this compilation of sharing economy businesses. The map is neat and interactive, but the list seems […]

Sharing Economy Travel News week of September 27

This week I came across a few interesting news items across the travel spectrum in the sharing economy. In the arena of peer to peer meals, EatWith raised $8M. This sector of the sharing economy is an innovative way for people to experience new cuisines and interact with locals while traveling. In the peer to peer […]

Oh Hey I Started Tweeting

Check it out at the bottom of the page; my recent tweets are now in a feed in the footer to this website. You can start following me and get more of ShareTraveler every day (or whenever I have something tweet-worthy to say). Back when I started this website/blog I secured the Twitter account of […]

Sharing Economy Travel News week of September 12

It’s all about the cars this week. Lots of news about peer to peer ride sharing, taxi sharing and car rentals.

So Many Home Exchange Websites

I thought I had found all of the home swap websites out there. Sixty nine sites seems like enough to cover everyone in the world who is interested in home exchange. The abundance of these sites is what inspired me to start in the first place. I couldn’t find any information comparing home exchange services, or reviews […]

Sharing Economy Travel News week of August 29

I’m going to start posting a regular roundup of interesting news stories from around the web related to peer to peer services for travelers. This will include some topics I’m writing about myself but where other’s have unique or interesting perspectives, as well as some stories I’m not covering. Here are this week’s top stories:

ShareTraveler Website Relaunched

Over the Memorial Day weekend, while doing a home exchange, I spent a lot of hours porting my site off of to take advantage of more flexibility and features. This included cleaning up the  links to my posts (slugs), which unfortunately means that many old links will be broken. While I believe I fixed everything internal […]

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