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Peers Offers Insurance to Sharing Economy Workers

I recently wrote about travel insurance with a focus on insurance for home exchange. Just a few days later Peers launched an insurance product for workers in the sharing economy. While this product doesn’t cover travelers, it does address some of the risks faced by sharing economy workers within the United States.

How Safe is International Travel Really?

A lot of Americans are afraid to travel internationally because they think it’s not safe. Before departing for a trip I’m often warned to “be careful” by friends who look at me like I’m slightly crazy for going to fill-in-the-blank-non-European-country. This even comes from friends who are relatively knowledgable about international affairs. No doubt American travel fear is […]

Do you Need Travel Insurance for a Home Exchange?

  People purchase travel insurance policies to protect themselves against unforeseen events. If  you have to cancel a trip these policies will reimburse you for non-refundable purchases (depending on reasons for cancellation covered by the policy), and many will also provide emergency medical evacuation. These are both potential costly problems. The tricky question is whether the risk is high […]

Travel Technology: Review of TPG To Go

TPG To Go is a new phone app from The Points Guy that will help you figure out which credit cards to use to maximize bonuses. It can be downloaded for either iphone or android. There are some aspects of this app that are really sophisticated and useful, and some aspects I don’t need. Overall TPG To […]

Valencia, Spain: Skipping a Side Trip

How do you decide to skip a side trip on vacation? While staying in Barcelona I was planning to take a trip to Valencia for a day. Known for it’s architecture, beaches and paella, I’ve heard it’s a fun place to see. I also wanted to try out ridesharing in Spain (this was early in my […]

Sharing Economy Friends and Home Town Tour Swaps

I know I’ve written about this a few times now, but I’m still very much surprised by all the friends I’m making through house swapping and general sharing economy travel activities. This might be partly due to the incredible friendliness of people in Spain. But by the end of our recent trip we had more offers for tour […]

Lessons on Sharing Economy Travel Savings from my Spain Trip

This is a summary post on what I learned about saving money using the sharing economy for travel from my recent month long trip to Spain. You can read all the posts from Spain here.

Free Hotel Stay in Madrid with Melia Points

Although most of my month long trip to Spain was done with home exchange for the lodging, there were two hotel stays. The first, in Bilbao where we used IHG points to stay for free, I’ve already written about. The second was in Madrid, where we got two free nights in Melia hotels.

Ridesharing from Granada to Madrid

Once again on ridesharing. I’ve been writing about this sharing economy travel tool a lot on this trip to Spain. Far more than I expected when I started traveling. I already summed up my experience getting around Spain, but that didn’t include the trip to Madrid, which I think was noteworthy.

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