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Free Month of Lodging in Spain Through Home Exchange (mostly)

I’m excited to be heading to Spain, and even more excited to be taking this trip without paying for lodging anywhere in the country. Here’s the basic outline of how we’re visiting 6 cities over a month in the country without spending any money on hotels. 

Sharing Economy Travel News week of September 12

It’s all about the cars this week. Lots of news about peer to peer ride sharing, taxi sharing and car rentals.

So Many Home Exchange Websites

I thought I had found all of the home swap websites out there. Sixty nine sites seems like enough to cover everyone in the world who is interested in home exchange. The abundance of these sites is what inspired me to start ShareTraveler.com in the first place. I couldn’t find any information comparing home exchange services, or reviews […]

Sharing Economy Travel News week of August 29

I’m going to start posting a regular roundup of interesting news stories from around the web related to peer to peer services for travelers. This will include some topics I’m writing about myself but where other’s have unique or interesting perspectives, as well as some stories I’m not covering. Here are this week’s top stories:

Free Technology Tools for Travelers

There are a lot of new technology tools for travelers that I come across in various forums and articles. Two free ones I’ve become a big fan of recently are AwardWallet and Tripit. Unlike most tools which seem cool in concept but which I never end up actually using, AwardWallet and Tripit actually do make my life […]

Peer to Peer Currency Exchange

I’ve just come across WeSwap, a peer to peer currency exchange business. They match people traveling in opposite directions to swap local currency with each other for a very low fee. Members of WeSwap load accounts with their local currency and then request currency from other countries in exchange for the money in their account. When a match is […]

Sharing Economy, Trust, and Personal Connections

Fundamental to the sharing economy is the reality that people are either renting or lending something to strangers. This may just be a dress or toy, or it might be a house or car. Or in the case of peer to peer services people are trusting a stranger with something they value, such as their pet or just their time […]

ShareTraveler Website Relaunched

Over the Memorial Day weekend, while doing a home exchange, I spent a lot of hours porting my site off of wordpress.com to take advantage of more flexibility and features. This included cleaning up the  links to my posts (slugs), which unfortunately means that many old links will be broken. While I believe I fixed everything internal […]

Finding Public Wifi: Staying Connected While Traveling

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who walks around random cities with my phone in my hand, searching for open wifi signals. Fortunately, there are some interesting innovations in this area that should help travelers stay connected.

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