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Sharing Economy, Trust, and Personal Connections

Fundamental to the sharing economy is the reality that people are either renting or lending something to strangers. This may just be a dress or toy, or it might be a house or car. Or in the case of peer to peer services people are trusting a stranger with something they value, such as their pet or just their time […]

ShareTraveler Website Relaunched

Over the Memorial Day weekend, while doing a home exchange, I spent a lot of hours porting my site off of wordpress.com to take advantage of more flexibility and features. This included cleaning up the  links to my posts (slugs), which unfortunately means that many old links will be broken. While I believe I fixed everything internal […]

Finding Public Wifi: Staying Connected While Traveling

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who walks around random cities with my phone in my hand, searching for open wifi signals. Fortunately, there are some interesting innovations in this area that should help travelers stay connected.

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