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International Travel Safety – The Global Peace Index 2018

Americans have a distorted sense of safety and this leads to a lot of unfounded fear of travel to other countries. Studies show that people overestimate the risk from sensational dangers (i.e. homicides, and other things the media likes to report) and underestimate the risk from mundane causes (i.e. diabetes). The sensationalist American media certainly […]

Why I bought travel insurance for the first time

I was inspired to revisit the idea of buying travel insurance for a recent eight-day backpacking trip. I’ve written about my argument against travel insurance for home exchanges, and insurance in general in the sharing economy. I’ve never been convinced it’s a good investment. Most of my trips are very low cost. I use miles to […]

Insurance for Sharing Economy Services

Sharing economy services are a great way to make or save money. But when dealing with expensive assets like homes and cars it’s important to make sure you’re covered by insurance. In the context of peer-to-peer travel services, there are two major categories of insurance to think about. (1) Liability insurance. This covers you if […]

Why I’m Still Flying AirAsia

A week before the recent crash of AirAsia’s flight between Indonesia and Singapore I booked four tickets with this airline for my Southeast Asia trip in February. And when I mention this to people they inevitably look at me like I’m a gonner for sure, and ask if I’m going to change my plans. It’s always tragic when […]

Can People Share without Trusting?

What does it take to get you to welcome a stranger to stay in your home, or let someone you don’t know borrow your car, or invite a random person over for dinner? Is the promise of earning (or saving) money enough? For many people the idea of trusting strangers to use their stuff is not worth […]

Peers Offers Insurance to Sharing Economy Workers

I recently wrote about travel insurance with a focus on insurance for home exchange. Just a few days later Peers launched an insurance product for workers in the sharing economy. While this product doesn’t cover travelers, it does address some of the risks faced by sharing economy workers within the United States.

How Safe is International Travel Really?

A lot of Americans are afraid to travel internationally because they think it’s not safe. Before departing for a trip I’m often warned to “be careful” by friends who look at me like I’m slightly crazy for going to fill-in-the-blank-non-European-country. This even comes from friends who are relatively knowledgable about international affairs. No doubt American travel fear is […]

Do you Need Travel Insurance for a Home Exchange?

  People purchase travel insurance policies to protect themselves against unforeseen events. If  you have to cancel a trip these policies will reimburse you for non-refundable purchases (depending on reasons for cancellation covered by the policy), and many will also provide emergency medical evacuation. These are both potential costly problems. The tricky question is whether the risk is high […]

Sharing Economy, Trust, and Personal Connections

Fundamental to the sharing economy is the reality that people are either renting or lending something to strangers. This may just be a dress or toy, or it might be a house or car. Or in the case of peer to peer services people are trusting a stranger with something they value, such as their pet or just their time […]

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