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Crowdsourced Delivery: The long journey of a backpack

When I got the request from Marc to bring him a Tortuga travel pack on my trip to the U.K. I thought this would be one of my easiest crowdsourced delivery jobs yet.  Once again, on PiggyBee I found a match for my travel route. And Marc seemed like a super nice guy who shared my love […]

Social Shipping with BuddyExpress

I recently learned about a new social shipping startup: BuddyExpress. The business model is similar to other crowdsourced delivery services that connect travelers to folks who want something delivered. But BuddyExpress has a social network twist on this concept: they want to build trust for delivery by connecting people with other folks who share someone […]

Three Day Sharing Economy Travel Extravaganza

Somewhat unplanned, my recent 3 day trip to Chicago turned into a sharing economy travel extravaganza. I’ll be publishing separate posts detailing my experiences with these services, but I wanted to write a quick sum up to explain how I saved $1074 and earned $20 while taking a weekend trip to visit friends. Peer to Peer […]

Beginners Guide to Profiting from Crowdsourced Delivery

I’ve had a few frequent travelers ask me about how they can take advantage of peer-to-peer delivery to make money so I decided it was time to write a guide to crowdsourced delivery. If you travel a lot, and especially if you have status with the airlines and get extra luggage checked for free, you may […]

So Many New Crowdsourced Delivery Sites

I was working on a how-to basics post on crowdsourced delivery when I came across a relatively new list of peer-to-peer shipping companies from Piggybee. David (at Piggybee) and I have been going back and forth expanding our respective lists of these companies for a while now (here’s the Piggybee list and here’s mine – in my […]

Peer-to-Peer shipping locally

Recently someone who works at PeerShip reached out to me to ask if I would feature them on ShareTraveler. I checked out their site, thinking it was another crowdsourced shipping tool (something I frequently write about and am always excited to learn about new innovators in this area). Instead I found that PeerShip offers peer-to-peer delivery locally, […]

Running Drugs to Colombia

I still can’t think of the Colombian city Medellín without automatically filling in the words “drug cartels” as in “Medellín drug cartels.” I think this speaks to the power of the American media in the 80s and 90s during the Reagan-initiated “war on drugs” since I know very little about that country otherwise. Ironically, here I am […]

I’m going to Iceland and no one there knows they need a delivery

People say stuff in Iceland is expensive. Not just regular ordinary expensive, but crazy super expensive. The world’s 4th most expensive country. This is no surprise, Iceland is an island, in the middle of nowhere. And it’s not exactly lush farm land. Or highly populated and set up for local manufacturing. Of course it costs more to […]

Crowdsourced Shipping Updates

I love the concept of crowdsourced delivery where travelers can earn money just by making use of the extra space in their luggage or car. But this is still a field that is very much in its infancy. And it’s going to need significant growth to really gain traction because without a critical mass, this peer to […]

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