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Crowdsourced Shipping Updates

I love the concept of crowdsourced delivery where travelers can earn money just by making use of the extra space in their luggage or car. But this is still a field that is very much in its infancy. And it’s going to need significant growth to really gain traction because without a critical mass, this peer to […]

Crowdsourced Delivery Japan–>Brazil: StuffInBag Interview

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of crowdsourced delivery. Travel is expensive, and even if you use miles for the flights and home exchange for lodging there are still other expenses that are part of enjoying the trip. While the sharing economy does help make travel cheap, it’s hard to turn travel into a source […]

Roadie Launches Peer to Peer Shipping within the U.S.

Roadie recently launched a platform for peer to peer shipping within the United States, taking advantage of unused space in cars that are already on the roads. If you’re taking a road trip, Roadie can help you earn some cash to cover the cost of gas. And if you need something shipped, this might be a cheaper […]

Growing Pains for Crowdsourced Delivery

I had a really great first delivery experience in Spain, when I carried running shoes ordered from in my luggage and delivered them to a stranger in Granada who was saving a lot of money by using peer-to-peer delivery. So for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia I posted on several crowdsourced delivery sites offering […]

Interview with Entrusters: Travelers Earn Money Delivering Stuff

Wesley McRae, co-founder of Entrusters, reached out to me after reading some of my posts on peer to peer delivery. So of course I hit him up for an interview about his company. Entrusters provides a sophisticated technical platform for crowdsourced delivery, currently focused in Argentina and Brazil. Argentina is high on my list of […]

Delivering Shoes in Granada: Peer to Peer Delivery Services

I’ve been carrying around these shoes since leaving San Francisco. They were delivered to my house a few weeks before I left, in a size much too large for my feet. This is my first foray into peer to peer delivery, yet another aspect of the sharing economy relevant to travelers. I posted my trip to […]

Global Crowdsourced Delivery Update

The founder of Piggybee (who I previously interviewed) published an interesting new blog post which includes a comprehensive list of peer to peer delivery companies, and some interesting thoughts on why this business model should succeed (or at least why he’s not crazy to be trying it).

PiggyBee Founder Discusses Peer to Peer Delivery for Rewards Travelers Want

I’ve written about the peer to peer delivery and shipping businesses, which offer travelers a way to earn some money as a part of their trips. PiggyBee is an interesting addition to this space because they focus on non-monetary rewards, like a ride from the airport or a drink with a local. Still in the […]

Peer to Peer Delivery Service: Making Money While You Travel

Judging from the number of new companies that were founded, 2013 was a big year for innovation in the peer to peer delivery business. This sharing economy service allows travelers to generate some extra income by carrying things for other people while they travel. For instance, if I’m traveling from Paris to Istanbul, there’s someone looking for shipping […]

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