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SF Outside Lands: Uber Pricing Surge and Ride Sharing for Free

Last weekend at the San Francisco music festival Outside Lands fans were hit with huge price tags on their typically cheap and convenient peer to peer car service rides home. With public transit completely full and turning away passengers, I enjoyed an impromptu experience in free ride sharing as I drove a car full of concert goers across […]

Everyone is Ridesharing: Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Announce New Services

Last week UberX, Lyft and Sidecar all announced new ride sharing features which will give their passengers the option to share cars and costs when hiring these peer to peer taxi services. These ride services are in a unique position to know exactly where everyone is going and so to create efficient carpooling, in real time. I’m calling this […]

BlaBlaCar Raises $100 Million to Expand Ride Sharing

There are a variety of sharing economy options in the peer to peer transportation business these days, including car rentals, taxi services and ride sharing. Ride sharing is just another name for carpooling among strangers. I’ve written before about how excited I am about the ride sharing option, as it’s efficient and economical, and for travelers […]

PiggyBee Founder Discusses Peer to Peer Delivery for Rewards Travelers Want

I’ve written about the peer to peer delivery and shipping businesses, which offer travelers a way to earn some money as a part of their trips. PiggyBee is an interesting addition to this space because they focus on non-monetary rewards, like a ride from the airport or a drink with a local. Still in the […]

Free Flights with Miles and Points

Getting to your vacation destination can be the most expensive part of a trip, especially if you’re traveling long distances. Lodging, another significant vacation expense, can be greatly reduced or even eliminated through sharing economy lodging options like home exchange and peer to peer rentals. But unless you are super rich and want to use a service like Zigair […]

Peer to Peer Delivery Service: Making Money While You Travel

Judging from the number of new companies that were founded, 2013 was a big year for innovation in the peer to peer delivery business. This sharing economy service allows travelers to generate some extra income by carrying things for other people while they travel. For instance, if I’m traveling from Paris to Istanbul, there’s someone looking for shipping […]

Car Sharing for Travel

I have updated my spreadsheet of sharing economy transportation resources and this is a summary of my finding so far. While I’m a big fan of public transportation, some places in the world it’s better, easier, and nicer to explore with a car. And fortunately for travelers, there are a wealth of new options for getting […]

FlightCar Review

I’ve finished my first trip using Flightcar to park, clean and rent out my car while I was away for a few weeks. This report summarizes my experience which was mostly good but with one significant and expensive problem. Flightcar is a new peer to peer transportation service that recently launched in San Francisco, Los […]

FlightCar – Earn Money Carsharing While you Travel

Flightcar is a new peer to peer transportation service that recently launched in San Francisco, Los Angeles in Boston. When you are going on a trip you simply drive your car to the airport and drop it off with these folks at their lot. They provide free parking and a car wash, and they offer […]

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