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SplitCab Brings Shared Cabs to LHR

A few months ago the folks at SplitCab reached out to me to ask that I include them in my peer-to-peer travel resources spreadsheet. Similar to Uber Pool and Lyft Line, SplitCab facilitates riders sharing a taxi, but unlike Uber and Lyft these are commercial cars. And initially SplitCab is focusing on the London Heathrow […]

FlightCar Shuts Down Operations Entirely

Yesterday I got an email from FlightCar announcing that they shut down all operations (as of July 14), and sold their tech to Mercedes-Benz R&D. No notice, no explanation, just shut it all down. FlightCar was the only company in the U.S. offering peer-to-peer car rentals at airports. People could drop their cars off when heading out […]

Comparing peer-to-peer and commercial car rentals

I rarely rent cars, but recently had a need for a rental so I did a lot of research comparing options to find the cheapest one. Part of this investigation included a deep dive into the cost of peer-to-peer rentals, including extra drivers, insurance, and delivery fees. These companies facilitate people listing their idle vehicles for rent, allowing […]

More Flight Sharing in Europe

Wingly, a new peer-to-peer flight sharing company, recently closed their first (angel) round of funding. From their press release on June 6: More than 10,000 users, including around 2,000 pilots, are already convinced by the concept. To this day, Wingly’s pilots have already saved more than 60,000 € of costs. Flight hours are getting more expensive, costing […]

Updated FlightCar Math

FlightCar, a peer to peer car rental company exclusively based at airports, recently revamped their logo and payment model, along with some other technical details. I recently wrote a post about how to calculate whether or not you will get value out of renting your car out with FlightCar while you’re traveling, so I figured it’s […]

Ridesharing Report: Blablacar Lisbon –> Madrid

As I previous reported, Blablacar is the cheapest and fastest way to get from Lisbon to Madrid. So I booked a ride with a Portugese BMW driver who was visiting his girlfriend in Madrid. After exchanging a few messages I found that he lived near to my Lisbon lodging and could pick me up just a […]

Rome2Rio Confirms: Ridesharing wins for Lisbon to Madrid transit

There’s a very useful website called Rome2Rio which offers a comparison of methods of transportation between places throughout the world. Let’s say, for instance, that I need to get from Lisbon to Madrid. A search on Rome2Rio will produce this: I can compare the travel times and costs for all the methods of transportation between […]

Social Shipping with BuddyExpress

I recently learned about a new social shipping startup: BuddyExpress. The business model is similar to other crowdsourced delivery services that connect travelers to folks who want something delivered. But BuddyExpress has a social network twist on this concept: they want to build trust for delivery by connecting people with other folks who share someone […]

Someone’s Driving my Car: Saving Money using Peer to Peer Car Rentals

After my recent analysis of the cost/benefit of using FlightCar, a peer to peer car rental service, for short trips, I decided it was time to take my own advice for a 3 day trip to Chicago. TL;DR: Total saved = $74.25. Get over your fears about strangers driving your car and use FlightCar for short trips. […]

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