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Is Taxi Sharing Bad for the Environment?

Uber Pool, Lyft Line and Sidecar Shared Rides are peer-to-peer taxi sharing options available in a growing number of cities. These services were announced back in August of 2014, (not) coincidentally by all three companies at the same time. Initially I found that requesting these services just meant I got a much cheaper price on my Uber/Lyft/Sidecar but the exact […]

La’Zooz: Ridesharing, Bitcoins and Decentralized Transportation

La’Zooz is a decentralized, collaborative transportation network, built around digital currency. Yep, in addition to having an apostrophe before a Z in their name, they have a description that’s a bit out of the realm of typical.

Did the FBI Kill Ridesharing in the United States?

Americans take for granted that hitchhiking is dangerous, and in many places illegal. And ridesharing is essentially just hitchhiking on technology. So perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that ridesharing is slow to catch on in this country. But I had no idea that all this fear started with an FBI campaign. A few weeks ago The Conversation published […]

Ridesharing in Denmark

I wrote about all the ridesharing services in Scandinavia in anticipation of my trip to Sweden and Denmark. It turns out the public transit in Sweden is so easy and efficient that I was never inspired to try out ridesharing in that country. Also I loved Stockholm and was quite happy to stay in the city for […]

Rdvouz Interview: Innovating to Popularize Ridesharing in the U.S.

Rdvouz is a new ridesharing service that helps travelers in the United States and Europe find rides to wherever they are going. Currently focused on the American market, Rdvouz has two key distinguishing features from the other networks in this country: map visualization and a metasearch functionality that will display rides matching your search criteria not […]

Scandinavia Ridesharing Services

When I’m preparing for a trip I like to do some research on the sharing economy services specific to my destination. In this case I’m looking at ridesharing services in Scandinavia. I will be in Stockholm and Copenhagen, taking the train between them because I’ve heard it’s a beautiful and fun ride. While in both […]

Hitchhiking in Iceland

This is a rather long post describing my experience hitchhiking in Iceland. I haven’t done much hitchhiking elsewhere in the world but I heard it’s quite safe in Iceland and it turned out to be great fun. If you’re not interested in my day-to-day experience, stop reading now! After spending 5 days in Reykjavik I knew I […]

Making Friends and Ridesharing in Iceland

Traveling alone in Iceland can be an expensive proposition so finding people to share rides with is key to saving money on your trip. Also, the shared goal of getting around Iceland is a great way to make friends. There are other avenues to meeting people if you just want to chat with some locals. Here I’ll […]

Ridesharing Update: Blablacar Buying up Competition and Some New Additions

I love the concept of ridesharing: a cheap way to travel that’s also environmentally friendly, and often a great way to meet locals while traveling. I’m not talking about taking a Lyft or Uber taxi, even with their new taxi sharing service, which I do like, this is just an efficient way to share a […]

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