House Swap Website Comparison Table


  1. Thank you so much for this listings comparison table, must have been a lot of work. I really appreciate your blog as I was exactly wondering and searching on which home exchange site is most suitable for me.

  2. Katia Petrohilou

    August 10, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Thank you very much. First thing I thought when I read about home exchange was “which sites are credible”? Thank you again.

  3. hello, I am trying to find website I joined in 2009 and listed my home
    for vacation swaps, but did not log in for a long time and now can not find it anywhere. I can recall exact name but it was something like GLOBAL VACATION HOME EXCHANGE, out of CANADA. The front page had all continents and countries and that was a starting point of search. Did maybe any other website buy thins one? Does anyone recognize it by my description? Please let me know I am curious. It had luxurious house all around the world and words “4home”
    on later pages search. Thanks Olivia

  4. Hi dawnzerly,

    What an informative spreadsheet & research, you have gone to an enormous amount of trouble. I have been a member of HomeExchange & Homelink for several years searching for a home exchange in Cape Town or the Garden Route, South Africa in exchange with my home in Hawkes Bay , New Zealand, Sadly I can never find one, most South Africans are seeking Europe or New York.
    I gets lots of offers from the States & Canada & I have had 2 fabulous simultaneous exchanges in Alameda, Ca & Washington DC.
    I get a lot of requests for simultaneous exchanges with the UK for our summer (Jan-March) in exchange for a UK winter! Not very appealing & despite suggesting an exchange in Autumn or Spring, no takers.
    Anyway I live in hope. Thanks for the articles

    • dawnzerly

      January 20, 2017 at 5:21 pm

      Hi Ann, thanks for the comment! It’s definitely a challenge to find the exact exchange you want. Especially when you live on a continent that has a different seasonal calendar from most of the places you might visit. My fingers are crossed for you to get something to South Africa, Cape Town is an amazing city. I wonder if there are other exchange networks with more members there? You might want to search around to see if there are better options for this aspirational trip.

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