Peer to Peer Travel News – August

These days new sharing economy travel companies launch every week, and I sometimes discover established businesses that I had missed. All of these get added to my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. Here’s the summary for August.

Crowdsourced shipping

Shippa is a peer to peer shipping app that launched 2016 and offers global connections for delivery of stuff by travelers.

Shippa describes how their shipping service works

Shippa describes how their shipping service works

Swiftly is a crowdsourced shipping company, founded in 2016 in Ghana. They are a bit different from the typical social shipping services in that they focus on people sharing space in containers and commercial delivery services, in addition to privately carrying packages in luggage.


Beds on Board offers peer to peer rental lodging on boats around the world

beds on board: who wouldn't want to sleep on a boat?

beds on board: who wouldn’t want to sleep on a boat?


Jotlrentals is a peer to peer gear rental service for the United States founded in 2016. They mostly have listings  in Maine right now.


carTwo new ridesharing services started in Austin, Texas after Uber and Lyft were forced to abide by taxi regulations in that city (and hence pulled out all services from that city): RideAustin and Arcade. Neither are for-profit endeavors, which is why they can exist where Uber and Lyft were pushed out. For more info on this interesting development check out the article on Sharable.

Ridemantra provides ridesharing in india, founded in 2016.



franceI found a bunch of French peer-to-peer travel sites:

Samboat for boat rental

Wikicampers for camper rental

Owlcamp for campsites in people’s yards

Click&Boat for yacht charters

iD Vroom for ridesharing

Chronobee for overland crowdsourced delivery

Ouihop for short distance ridesharing

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