Peer to Peer Travel News – October 2016

spreadsheetThese days new sharing economy travel companies launch every week, and I sometimes discover established businesses that I had missed. All of these get added to my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. Here’s the summary for October.

Tours and Activities

Zipskee – Connects travelers with locals for friendship and tours. They just launched in 2016 and the site is a bit buggy. But they did have three people listed in the first city I searched: Taipei.

Guidling – Peer to peer countryside tours in Eastern Europe. Currently in beta release.

TakeMeTour – Peer to peer tours offered as well as professional tours in Thailand.

Urban Adventures – A branch of the Intrepid tour company, Urban Adventures just launched their Locals on Tap program, connecting travelers with locals. They have offerings in  many cities around the world, and the first 100 bookings will be free!


Ridelink – Peer to peer auto rentals in Germany, Great Britain and Spain. Launched in 2015 as DriveJoy.

Jettly – Just launched their beta release flight sharing platform in Canada. There are just a few similar services around the world, and the ones in the USA were shut down by the FAA in a case that is still working its way through the courts.

AirPosted – Crowdsourced delivery company, covering the globe. Launched in 2016.


Staybillety – Rental lodging with people who match interests. Focused on specific collegiate communities, but also advertising sports and arts/concert connections. If, for instance, you are traveling to attend a graduation at the University of Toronto, you could find a room in someone’s home who is affiliated with the university. They have listings in Canada and the United States. Launched in 2016.

ShareACamper picked up €2 million in funding to grow it’s peer to peer camper rental business, which currently operates in Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

ClubSofa – Beta launched this year, offering hospitality lodging through your network of friends and their friends.

Accomable – Peer to peer rental lodging of accessible accommodations for people with disabilities. Global reach, founded in 2015.

Innclusive – In a response to the many complaints of discrimination on the AirBnb platform, Innclusive launched a peer to peer rental lodging network with a focus on allowing people to be themselves – diversity and inclusivity. Beta release in 2016.

Bookdockers Welcome – Peer to peer rental of guest RV parking in the USA.

PitchPlace – Peer to peer rental of places to pitch a tent. Currently accepting pre-registration.

Camptoo – Peer to peer rental of motorhomes in the Netherlands. They launched in 2014 but just recently raised €236,000 in funding through a crowdfunding campaign.

Gear Rental

Quipmo – Launching in November, “surf, bike and snow peer to peer marketplace that lets individuals and stores rent their gear to like minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure!” Based in Australia.

Gear Peer – Peer to peer outdoor sports gear rental in the USA currently. Likely launched recently as they have only a few listing so far.

ShareShed – Outdoor gear rental in Canada. Looks like they just launched this year.


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