I haven’t written anything about peer to peer parking yet. This is because I figured parking was mostly relevant to locals in a city. But then Parqex reached out to me on twitter to suggest that travelers can make money renting out their parking spots. That’s a twist I hadn’t thought about.

I’ve written about the opportunity to rent out your car at the airport while you’re traveling. This is basically the same idea. If you have a driveway, garage, or other parking spot that can be easily shared, this could be a good option to make some extra money.

I have a few listings for companies in this business of facilitating peer to peer parking in my spreadsheet (in the “parking” category). And I’ve recently added some new ones.

Parqex, the company that inspired this post, has a neat tool (Access+) that facilitates rental of garage parking. This smart phone app that allows renters to open a garage door or gate and tracks the usage.

Bottom line: if you take your car with you on vacation, consider renting out your parking spot while you’re away. Earn some extra cash and add a parking spot in  your neighborhood.