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Marketing for a successful sharing economy business

Over the past four years I’ve seen a lot of sharing economy travel start ups fail. Actually I’ve seen plenty of more seasoned companies fail in this space too. Though if you never really got off the ground, 5 or 10 or even 15 years in, I think you might still be called a start […]

Airbnb restrictions make home exchange more attractive

The rules and laws governing Airbnb are a contentious subject in many cities around the world. There’s a lot of concern about the impact of short-term rentals on housing availability and price. Some studies have validated this affect. And of course the hotel industry doesn’t like short term rentals stealing their clients. Some also complain […]

Japan’s growing peer to peer travel scene

A new Japanese law enacted this summer required Airbnb hosts to register and display a license. To comply with the law Airbnb was forced to cancel a lot of bookings at the last minute. This was some very bad press for peer to peer travel services in Japan. And a surprising number of sharing economy […]

Roadie app delivering lost bags for airlines

Roadie is a croudsourced delivery service launched in the U.S. in 2015. They match people taking road trips (or just driving across town) with folks who need something delivered. Roadie has done a lot of work on partnerships over the past few years. And one of those partnerships is with airlines that need to deliver […]

Americans’ Travel Bucket Lists and Barriers to Travel

LoveHomeSwap commissioned a survey company to research American’s travel desires. The survey, conducted in July, included 1000 people ages 21+.  The results give some insight into travel interests, but perhaps more interesting are the barriers to travel. Of the 77% of Americans who have a travel bucket list, the most desirable countries to visit were: […]

Blackbird launches flightsharing in US

After years of legal battles (which have now moved into Congress), another company is entering the flight sharing arena in the United States. Blackbird launched their service in 2016, initially offering seats on chartered airplanes. The bulk of their service is still chartered flights, but Blackbird recently introduced the option to Hitch a ride on […]

Choosing a Home Exchange Network: Opinions from active house swappers

This post is a consolidation of all the useful comments from readers about home exchange networks. (Thanks to a reader for this suggestion!) There are lots of house swap networks out there, and it’s not easy to pick the right one(s) to join. So when you’re reading my Best Home Exchange Networks post, also consider […]

My first home swap of 2018

In August I had my first home exchange of the year! This one was through the GuesttoGuest network. My house swapping was put on hold because I moved. And that meant I didn’t have a home to offer for swapping for the first half of 2018. Now that I’m settled in, we’re back in business. […]

Travel vaccine lessons from my Madagascar trip

Over the past 15 years my travels have required a lot of vaccines. I’ve pretty much covered all the bases. So I got lazy and  barely look at vaccine recommendations anymore. It turns out that’s not necessarily a good policy. I’m planning a trip  to Madagascar this year. And I discovered that Madagascar requires proof […]

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