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Everything you need to know to get started home exchanging

This is a beginners guide to home exchange. Many people find my website because they want to get started house swapping. This post is meant to teach you the basics. It’s been over a year since I wrote my Getting Started with Home Exchange post.  Some things have changed and I have written some new stuff […]

Best Home Exchange Networks: 2017 Version

The number of home exchange websites out there can be overwhelming to someone new to house swapping. When I first got interested in home exchange I spent a few weeks looking at  networks, and searching in vain for objective reviews, or at least some overview information comparing the sites. In response to this lack of information, […]

Updated list of points-based home swap networks

Most people think of home exchanges as simultaneous swaps. I go to your home while you stay in mine. But points-based exchanging is another popular way of house swapping. You earn the right to stay in other people’s homes by hosting people in your own. It’s like putting free lodging in a piggy bank to […]

Peer to Peer Gear Rental Overview

There are a handful of companies that I know about offering peer to peer travel gear rentals and I’ve seen a number of new businesses coming on the scene in this space in the past two years. It’s an interesting model: instead of traveling with that large and hard-to-transport gear, or stuff you rarely use and don’t need to […]

Best Home Exchange Websites – Updated August 2016

This post is outdated! Read the 2017 version here. This is one of the most popular posts on my site, and my thoughts on this change over time, as do some of the facts in this post. So here’s the version for 2016. Check out the older versions for some good comments from 2015 and 2014 on home […]

House Swap Website Reviews

Here’s a list of all the swap sites I’ve reviewed so far. Also check out my summary of the reviews which includes a discussion of how to pick the right site for you. Love Home Swap HomeExchange.com Guest to Guest Cosmopolit Home Roof Swap Geenee Exchange Zones Home Link Home for Exchange Home for Swap Intervac Swapeo […]

Reader Question: Which Home Exchange Site to Join for a NYC <--> Paris Swap?

I recently received an email from a reader asking a variation of a very common question. Here’s the question along with my response. Dear ShareTraveler: We’ve discovered recently your great site about home swapping and we were wondering if you could advise the best site for us. We own a flat in the center of Paris, […]

Home exchange insurance growing but still uncommon

A reporter recently asked me how many home exchange sites offer insurance. So I did a quick survey of the 90 existing house swap networks and found seven of them with insurance options. Below is my review of the available insurance policies. I’ve written about why I don’t think home exchange insurance  is necessary, and my specific experience purchasing it […]

Getting Started with Home Exchange

Every once in a while someone in the media asks me to give some background info on home exchange for a story they’re writing. Usually they want to know, among other things, how new house swappers should get started. And so I point them to a bunch of things I have written about this. And in doing […]

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