Review date: April 2014

Founded in 2013

House Swap membership: 9.95 pounds/month

Rental listing membership: Free, service fee added to each rental

Owned and operated by uGuest Limited, registered in Gibraltar

English only

3342 rental properties

Listings in select countries:

  • USA: 393
  • France: 206
  • Spain: 246
  • UK: 185
  • Brazil: 18
  • Australia: 16

Searching: There is no map based search, the only search functionality is in a search box where you enter location key words. There are a few advanced options for narrowing down the search results, including a drop down menu of cities if you have selected a country. There is no option to search on people who want to stay where you live because the search focuses only on rental properties. It is possible additional options appear once you join the owners club, but to do so you must list a rental property, the owners club is an add on service. A search on Granada 25 results but a search on Spain and selecting the city of Granada from the drop down menu returns only 8 results. Overall a rather ineffective search facility.

Listings: The search results display only very basic summary information making it hard to select which listings to view in detail. Each individual listing has all the relevant details easily organized for viewing.

This site offers the following variations on house swapping:

  • Swap points – earn points for letting others stay in your home while you are away, and then redeem those points to stay in any of the other homes participating in the program.

Site design: Modern and responsive site, easy to use.

Additional features: For joining you get 7 free club points, worth 7 nights stay. Every year your membership is renewed you get another 7 nights. Additional club points are earned when people stay in your house.