2016 Year in Review for ShareTraveler

Site views by Month

I took a look at the 2016 year end statistics for and summed things up here.

Readership has grown steadily over the past three years. In 2016 I had almost 90,000 views and over 40,000 visitors. Comments also doubled each year compared to the previous year.

Dark blue is visitors, light blue is views (the line in the middle is 45,000)

Of course a lot of growth over time can be attributed to better search rank due to increased number of posts and more stuff archived by search bots. In fact I still don’t know how to remove search bots from my stats to say how many of these people/views are real people.

Over the past year I posted articles every Monday and Thursday, consistently every week. This year I’m going to try moving that to Sunday and Wednesday (assuming I still have at least two posts worth sharing each week). Everything I’ve seen suggests people are more likely to read stuff on Sundays so I may as well take advantage of that.

In 2016 my most popular posts were mostly the general information things I wrote about home exchange including:

and my surprisingly popular post:

The vast majority of my readers came from the United States, but ShareTraveler is also quite popular in Canada and Europe.


Top ten countries visiting

And a few random observations:

  • There was a big increase in readers the last week of 2016 year.  This contrasts with a similar surge in January of the past two years. I wonder if this is people getting an earlier jump on travel plans for 2017.
  • My all time best month for views was August 2016. But August was a really big month back in 2015 too. I don’t think anything striking happened in that month in either year. Maybe people come home from summer break eager to figure out how to save money on their vacations next year?

And lastly, on my rather modest Twitter account I hit 500 followers and 1000 tweets this year. That’s a good place to connect with  me if you want to find out not only what I’m writing about on this site but also random tidbits of sharing economy travel news.

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Thanks to all my readers, especially those who take the time to comment and/or send me emails about news I’ve missed. I’m always eager to hear what readers what me to write about, so if you have topics you want me to investigate, or ideas I should consider, please put them in the comments below!


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