A brief hiatus

I’ve been writing regular posts for this website for several years now. I think I’ve published at least 2 posts a week consistently since starting. But this past month I’ve fallen off a bit. I’ve just been super busy preparing for a trip. And then I’m going to be traveling for three weeks and unable to do much writing. I won’t even have internet access for about half that time! So I apologize for the lack of ShareTraveler posts recently. But I do take the Traveler part of that seriously!

I’m going to take this opportunity to solicit writers. If you’re interested in writing about home exchange, crowdsourced delivery, ridesharing, peer-to-peer tours and experiences, or anything else in the sharing economy travel space, I’d love to add another writer or two to my website. Before you ask: there is no pay. You’ll be doing this because you think it’s fun. But perhaps some day you can hope to achieve fame and fortune, and you can say you got your start on

I’m also overdue for a website re-organization. As content grows things inevitably become less and less logically organized. But there’s is a limit to my design skills (a very low limit). And a similarly low limit to my skills with WordPress. So if any of my readers want to help make this website more useful and better organized, I’m also looking for a bit of help on that front.

p.s. I wrote this post before departing but by the time it goes live I’ll already be traveling. So if you reach out and I don’t respond right away, please be patient.

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  • Hi.
    If you want I could write an article or two but after I won’t know what to talk about after 🙂

    I was thinking maybe I could present the new version of Switchome website which is quite new.


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