Hey, I have a new website design!

A few months ago I put out a call for help with website design. And a French web designer who is a big home swapper got in touch. Fortunately she speaks very good English. And she had some helpful opinions about how to make ShareTraveler more user friendly.

If you’re anything like me, and you are a regular reader, you will hate that the design changed. You knew where to find stuff before, and now it’s all moved! Why do we need change in the world?!?

Well, unfortunately most of the ShareTraveler visitors are not regular readers. And I want to make it easy for them to navigate all the tools and information. Hopefully this new design does just that. If you ever can’t find a post you know you’ve seen before, just use the handy search tool. I do that all the time.

And if you notice anything broken in the new design, please bring it to my attention so I can fix it.

Thanks for reading ShareTraveler!


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