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Home for Swap Review

Review date: April 2014

Founded in 2009

$96/yr, $135/2 years, 1 week free trial

Founded in New York by a couple who are French and Spanish. Now offices are based in Paris and Madrid.

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch

20,000 listings in 120 countries per their FAQ, but the search page shows 11,343 listings

Listings by region:

  • Africa & Middle East: 1317
  • Asia: a few listings in some countries
  • North America: 1567
  • Europe: 8587
  • Australia: 103
  • South &  Central America: 481

This does not represent the entire world but falls far enough short of 20,000 to suggest that 11,343 is the accurate count.

Searching: The map search functionality is pretty good until you want to click through to see listings. It is only possible to view single listings, one at a time, by clicking on the map. But searching on city or region will return a full list with a map nicely displaying the locations of the houses in your result. The listings themselves display an overview of all the relevant information (number of travelers, visitors they can accommodate, location, and brief description.) Unfortunately, there is no way to filter search results that are based on geography down to those wanting to swap to my city. It is possible to search on people wanting to swap to my city, but this search returns everyone in the world who both (1) listed my city explicitly or (2) said they were open to going anywhere. This list can be further filtered by keyword, so a geography search could be hacked this way, but it’s not optimal functionality.

Listings: The actual listings themselves are displayed in a very usable fashion and include information on response rate and how recently the person updated their calendar of available swap dates.

This site offers the following variations on house swapping:

  • simultaneous or non-simultaneous house swap – this is the traditional model where two parties swap houses for an agreed upon set of dates. Non-simultaneous works best with second homes, but is also useful for people going on vacation and leaving their home empty. In this case each party picks different dates for the swap.

Site design: Their display is relatively modern, and easy to navigate, although the site loads rather slowly. Possibly a temporary problem at the time of this review.

Additional features: Home for Swap has email functionality, reviews and all of the other standard offerings of a good home swap site including accommodation insurance and a house swap contract,

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