Peer to Peer Travel News October 2017

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These days new sharing economy travel companies launch every week, and I sometimes discover established businesses that I had missed. All of these get added to my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. Here’s the summary for October.

Currency exchange

Faretrade – a new peer to peer currency exchange service currently only available on the Google Play app store. They just launched in 2017 and appear to have only a few users so far.


MyCotra – ridesharing service in India that just launched in 2017.

AirMule – This a crowdsourced delivery company, has expanded to 16 airports in China. If you want a super cheap flight from the west coast to China, consider carrying a suitcase of stuff for AirMule. Just beware of the potential risks.

Heetch has been around for years in France offering a service similar to Uber offering peer to peer taxis. They recently had to completely retool their business model to continue operating legally. And they have now introduced a true ridesharing option where people in Paris (and a few other cities) can offer up to two rides per night, presumably on the route they are already going. These drivers won’t make money but they will get help covering the cost of their ride. Typical customers are folks trying to get back to the suburbs from the city at night.

Gear rental

Kindershare – peer to peer baby equipment rental company in Australia. Instead of carrying all that baby gear, just rent it at your destination! Launched in 2017


BeLocalExchange – A new home exchange network focused on Latin America. Launched in 2016. Costs $78 per year and you don’t have to pay until you find a swap. 700 listings.

House Swap – South African home exchange network, focused on domestic exchanges, that launched in 2014 but I only just found them (thanks to the BeLocal founder). 162 listings.

Neovacancies – this second home swap network focuses on France, and appears to have launched in 2016. It’s free to join the first year, and €30/year after that. Their website is incomplete and it’s unclear if this network is very active. 133 listings.

Muzbnb – an Airbnb alternative for Muslim travelers. The site was founded in 2016 to address the discrimination Muslims face on Airbnb and other similar platforms.

Yescapa – peer to peer campervan and motorhome rentals in Europe. Looks like they launched around 2015, but possibly earlier. That’s when they started getting funding

Boat rental

Borrow a Boat – a peer to peer boat rental platform. They have many listings around the world, though the site just launched in 2016.



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