Peer to Peer Travel News April 2017

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These days new sharing economy travel companies launch every week, and I sometimes discover established businesses that I had missed. All of these get added to my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. Here’s the summary for April with a few items of news about older companies included as well. This year started off slow, but I found a lot of new companies that launched in the past few months!

Boat rentals

Boataffair – p to p boat rental launching May 2017. Offering boats with and without captains.

Boatflex – p to p boat rental, based in Denmark. They launched last year and just raised 5 million Danish crowns to expand their services.

Anchor – This boating company is more uber for boats than p to p boat rentals. They offer boat rides on demand. If you have a boat you can become a boat driver, but if you don’t Anchor says they can hook you up with a boat rental. Launching this summer, Anchor will initially serve Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri. The company was inspired by the idea of ensuring a sober boat driver in the notorious party cove area of this lake. This concept is interesting, but obviously only relevant on bodies of water where lots of people want transportation and/or chartered rides.


Table2Share – find other travelers to share your table instead of eating alone. Currently a facebook group, which looks like it launched just this year.

Kravve just launched in Malaysia with a twist on peer to peer meals. Instead of inviting you to a local’s home for food, Kravve delivers home cooked food to you. I imagine travelers could enjoy this service, ordering a home cooked meal to their hotel/lodging. Most of the offerings seem to be baked goods, but I found a few mouth watering meals on offer.

Dinez-In also in Malaysia, is a more traditional peer to peer meal platform inviting diners to join chefs for home cooked meals and cooking classes. This company launched in 2016.


Duet – A new ridesharing service focused on commuters in cities where there’s lots of traffic.

Blablacar is now offering car lease deals in France. Here’s an article reporting on the new program. I’m not sure their math works for people covering the cost of a lease with one shared trip per month since that doesn’t account for gas which is a huge cost of any trip in Europe. Also, pricing on Blablacar is explicitly limited to cover no more than the cost of the trip, so the terms should prohibit recovering the cost of leasing a car. Yet this seems to be an angle they are promoting with the lease program.

Rental loding

Overnight is offering p to p rental lodging, focusing on last minute spontaneous bookings. They’ve just launched in a few U.S. cities.

Hundredrooms closed a $4.27 million funding round in March. This is one of the main players in peer-to-peer rental lodging metasearch. I’ve written a few posts about lodging metasearch and the huge problem of Airbnb exclusions.

Tours and activities

Lokafy is a peer to peer tours and activities website. They launched in 2015 and have expanded to Toronto, Paris, New York, Delhi and Mumbai so far.

Crowdsourced delivery

TinyCarrier – is a new crowdshipping company launching in May 2017. They claim to distinguish themselves from other similar platforms by offering insurance to cover all deliveries.

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