Peer-to-Peer Travel News – March 2017

peer to peer travel news

These days new sharing economy travel companies launch every week, and I sometimes discover established businesses that I had missed. All of these get added to my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. Here’s the summary for February and March.

Wheel Estate – a peer to peer campervan rental site for Canadians actually launched back in 2013 but I’ve just found them and added them to my spreadsheet.

Tabica – this P2P activities company offers tours in Japan. The link is to the English language site and I assume all the tours are conducted in English (unless the tourists are Japanese). It looks like they launched in 2016.

FoodieTrip – a new food tourism focused business offering sharing economy eating and drinking activities around the world. Launched in 2016.

TravelCar – this peer to peer car rental service offers airport-based rentals similar to the U.S. company FlightCar which recently stopped operations. TravelCar launched initially in Europe and is expanding to the U.S. (Los Angeles and San Francisco) in April.

Stayzilla – a well funded peer-to-peer rental lodging company in India, shut down operations abruptly announcing that all bookings after February would be cancelled.

Joey Travel – launched in 2016, this new company focuses on connecting travelers with locals. You pay a per-meetup fee to join a local for coffee or drinks. The fees generally seem to include 1 drink, and prices vary by individual and country.

TastePlease – Launched this month in Copenhagen by a chef, this company offers peer to peer home cooked meals. They aim to have a global presence but I only see offerings in Denmark right now.

Dinner Circle – announced their beta launch this month. This site connects people with locals hosting dinner parties. Right now there are only listings in England.

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