Peer to Peer Travel News – March 2018

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These days new sharing economy travel companies launch every week, and I sometimes discover established businesses that I had missed. All of these get added to my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. Here’s the summary for March.

Wingly raised €2M in funding to expand their flight sharing platform in Europe. Flight Sharing is an interesting service that was shut down by the United States courts but seems to be taking off in Europe.

WeSwap, a peer to peer currency exchange business, has expanded users ability to withdraw money by deploying the WeSwap card on the Mastercard platform. The WeSwap model allows people to pre-load any of their 18 supported currencies, buying from other travelers. And now using Mastercard it will be easy for people to withdraw this money anywhere they need. launched an app for mobile users this month. This is only big news for members, but it’s been a complaint of users of this network for quite a while now so I’m sure many people are excited about the launch. The app is currently only available on Apple products.

General Motors has announced a plan to launch a peer to peer car rental program under their Maven brand for GM car owners. Maven currently offers short-term rentals of GM owned vehicles so this would expand the pool of available cars while giving GM owners an opportunity to earn extra cash when they aren’t using their cars.

The Gatwick airport in London has announced a peer to peer car rental service in partnership with Car & Away. Travelers can park their car at Gatwick and earn cash by renting it out while they are traveling.

Tourme is a peer to peer tours and activities service that launched in 2015. I just came across them this month when they launched an mobile app. They’ve got offerings in an impressive number of countries around the world.

Grabr, a crowdsourced delivery service, raised $8M in funding this month.

DriveShare is a new p2p luxury car rental service, offering unique, vintage, and fancy vehicles in the United States. They launched in 2017.

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