Peer to Peer Travel News – March 2019

peer to peer travel news

These days new sharing economy travel companies launch every week, and I sometimes discover established businesses that I had missed. All of these get added to my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. Here’s the peer to peer travel news summary for March.

Hitch – a new ridesharing network launched in Texas in 2018. They currently facilitate rides between Austin and Houston. Their mission is broader city to city ridesharing. This is the real thing: leveraging existing trips to fill empty seats and take cars off the road.

UniRide – another new ridesharing network launched at Purdue University in 2019. This app is targeting university students.

GAFFL – get a friend for life – a network for finding travel buddies. I just learned about them from a reader, but it looks like they launched in 2017. People post their trips and hopefully connect with others along the route. According to Crunchbase, they’re based in the U.S. They have a large presence in Australia and New Zealand, but also a number of listings elsewhere around the world.

Withlocals – a peer to peer tour and activity network raised $8 million in funding in March. Currently offering activities in 30 cities in Europe and Asia, Withlocals plans to use this money to expand to new destinations. I had a great tour of Penang using Withlocals, and it truly was just a side gig for a local student.

Roadie – a crowdsourced delivery company focused on auto-based deliveries in the U.S. raised $37 million in new funding February. Some of this funding came from Home Depot, a company using Roadie’s services. Roadie continues to expand  beyond traditional peer to peer deliveries, also serving big companies like Delta that need efficient last mile delivery services for lost (and then found) luggage.

Trunkit – in late 2018 this Canadian company launched offering peer to peer deliveries by drivers in Canada. Basically the same services as Roadie for the Canadian market.

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